Sex and Religion


Hey, check out this church–

And how long have Protestants and Catholics claimed that the Catholic Church should stay out of the bedroom!!!



What does that link have to do with the Church and the bedroom? Is this “CAF spam”?


Another non-denominational Christian fellowship… and these “churches” are getting HUGE… not only in numbers, but in size & $$$$$…

The shop I used to work for (doing Pro-Audio/Sound Systems) installed systems into two of these mega-churches in our area. The budget for the initial audio, video, and multi-media installations in each of these buildings was into 7 digits! The structures themselves were into 8 digits! Seating for 1000’s, designer coffee & croissant bars in the lobby, valet parking (!).

Me & my crew dubbed them “Karaoke Church”… “follow the bouncing hymn…” 20 foot projection screens, 25000 Watt sound systems, computer synchronised lighting & effects, etc. (Some of our local stage theatres would KILL for the equipment in these places!)

Unfortunately it’s just what the power-yuppie generation is looking for. A place to go and then be able to claim “I go to church”, but with no time-honored rules or docrine… especially the ones about being humble, chaste, or modest that put a crimp on their “Me… Me… Look at what I’ve got” mentality.


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