Sex and "the bases" phrase, cant remember!


Hi everyone,

I’ve been on a search for the last 2 hours for a phrase I heard someone say on posts here regarding some rules that dating people should pay attention to…

The only part I can remember was it was a 3 part type of thing…one of the parts was “keep your feet on the floor” or ground…something like that. Maybe another part was “no heavy kissing”. I’ve done tons of forum searching and google searching to no avail. Maybe I can put this last shot in the dark for some assistance…

Pax Christi.



The first link doesn’t work. :frowning: I was curious myself what these rules would say.


This link talks about the baseball analogy so much that I doubt bb is an athletic sport anymore.:blush:


Thanks for the replies and help, but nobodys gotten what I’m looking for… I should have described it more.

Its a three part thing … I heard some mother or a woman on the forums , either here or another Catholic forum say it… First part was “no heavy kissing” i think… then I dont know the second part, but I’m pretty sure the third part was “keep your feet/shoes on the ground/floor” in reference to no laying down together.

I don’t need any advice as far as chastity gos, thanks lol. I just was trying to remember this clever quip I glanced at on some threads a few days ago, and couldn’t find in ALL the threads I’ve searched through since.


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