Sex and the City

So I hope I can find some allies here… I think the show is terrible, and pretty much embodies every heresy that our culture currently clings to, in its materialism and approach to relationship… everything. I really think that its just about the worst thing, short of hardcore porn, that young women especially could be watching as their form their consciences and worldview.

Just today I was commenting on a board at about the show, as one of their bloggers wanted to comment on how it could be bad…though pretty much only in the context of detracting from the professional development of young career women. Take a look:

Anything else we could say that a secularist would understand about how detrimental the show is to everybody? I mean including women (guys just don’t watch that show) in their 20s and 30s who think its just fun, not just teenage girls, although its obviously worse for them.

I think we have bigger problems than the show if our young women can’t tell the difference between TV and reality.

personally, I thought it was one of the most hilarious shows on TV. if you watch it cut (the non hbo version) , it’s not that horrible really . If you really watch it from beginning to end, in the end you realize that none of them got anything out of their lifestyles - they all ended up settled, married and in serious relationships and that their “wild ways” weren’t the way to happiness for any of them.

That’s kind of the point though… its an unreality that is glamorized, romanticized, and basically advertised. I’m sorry, but for as many women have told me the show is hilarious, I know at least as many who you’d think have learned their relationship skills and how to deal with various ‘man problems’ just from watching that show. When I’ve watched it I can just hear the devil laughing as young women’s minds are twisted into thinking ‘having sex like a man’ is just another way to be… and as young men increasingly take advantage of that.

I can understand why one would see the show as unrealistic or evil becuase the characters are permiscuous and materialistic at times, but you can’t ignore the fact that they are successful, independent women. Yes they make a quite a few bad choices, but how else can you grow if you don’t mess up? I think you’re overlooking the positive message of the show because it’s much easier to see the bad. I honestly think that the show is as risque as it is simply because sex sells. It’s just good for the ratings.

Personally, I don’t think the show is all that bad. Although it can get a little too mature for my taste, I think that the characters are very brave. I mean, they’re in their late 30s early 40s, single, have good careers, and face difficult obstacles. I think that so many women watch it because they can relate to it. If you take away all the sex and designer clothes, the show actually presents real issues.

Successful according to whom? Ultimately, the only success is holiness.

It is a documented fact that American girls develop an unhealthy attitude toward their bodies when models that are very thin are presented as attractive.

Television is not reality but it is influential. A television program advertises something, just like a commercial.

It saddens me that groups like the National Organization for Women does not condemn such promiscuous depictions of women. At one time, it criticized media outlets for turnning women into ‘sex objects’ or ‘objectifying’ women. It referred to men as ‘male chauvenist pigs’ for the way they treated women as basicaly playthings to be used and discarded at a whim. Now, a TV show like this shows women acting like male chauvenist pigs, and it’s not that bad? No. It’s really, really bad. It degrades women, and I think filling your head with such words and images is not worth it.

God bless,

it saddens me that NOW hasnt condemned alot of things currently, women are being turned into worse than sex objects in the media and NOW says nothing-do they even exist anymore?


I personally agree with OM65. I do think that without the sex and materialism, the show really does present real issues. I think that the show is being somewhat realistic in acknoleding the fact that women do have premarital sex. Women these days are becoming more independant than before. Being ateenage girl, I find the show informative. It doesn’t change the way I live my life and it definitely doesn’t make me alter my morals. I think that I learn from these women living their lives the way they do. They are career driven, successful women who felt they were entitiled to “have sex like men”. Since I believe in equality, I agree that women have free will to do what they want. It has been an ongoing struggle for women to be seen as equal to men. There are shows about men who sleep around examples: Two and a Half Men, How I met Your Mother, and many more. They all have examples of permiscuous men. Yet, I do not see people making such a big deal about that. All in all, I think Sex and the City, inspite of its content, is not such an evil show, if you choose to not only point out the negatives in the show. It presents real issues women face.

The show is a disgusting potrayal of the truth of the state of the world. The women, characters as well as actresses, are everything the Church desires us not to be.

The show turns my stomach. The bright side is that the show embodies the evils of the world so abundantly, that it aids my faith by making it shine in such awful darkness.

Yes, I think you have an allie.

i think that people are overlooking the main moral of the show. yes, the women are successful, independent and completely in control of their love lives, but to anyone whos actually watched the show, the main point it stresses is friendship and loyalty no matter what. Its about a group of four friends, and notice that when one has just broken off a relationship, is facing a hard time at work, is having marital problems, has been cheated on, or has had trouble concieving a child, they each have each other to fall back on. The greatest comfort is that of friendship. Each of the previous examples from the show are actually realities women in our day and age face.

and since when are men the only ones of capable of casual sex, indpendence, and power in their relationships? Why not the women?

Oh Boy

“power” You mean the ability to force someone to do what you want them to do? Why not just bring lawyers on dates and have the man and woman fill out the required paperwork?

All women and men should expect and deserve, is respect. This immoral, amoral, anti-family atmosphere that is American culture is portraying the wrong way to live. The current character template on TV is that everyone is dysfunctional, everyone is sex crazed, and that includes most “comedians.”

This is a Catholic forum. The biblical mandate applies to both men and women. Husbands and wives are told to love each other. Fornication is and always was, wrong. Living together and having sex, was and still is wrong.

“our day and age” is the calendar myth. Knowledge, wisdom and enlightenment did not flow into anybody’s head the moment the calendar changed from the 20th to the 21st Century.

God bless,

I LOATHE this show. The women are either doing it, or talking about doing it. They are like dogs in heat.


Shows like Sex & the City and many others remind me of C. S. Lewis’s Screwtape Letters in which he predicts that eventually it will not be necessary for Satan to tempt people individually, he’ll just use popular public figures. Substitute “media” for “public figures” and he hit it on the head, before TV was even invented.

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