Sex and the City

haha! I had just typed that because I am so flat chested I can wear lots of seemingly immodest clothes without being risque, but then I deleted it 'cause I thought it would be TMI. :smiley:

BTW, this flat chested woman still nursed 4 babies to 1 year old!

(This was also definitely TMI…but what the heck…let’s go for broke!)

Hee hee. I don’t think it was TMI. I love my big chest, it helps me get boyfriends, lol. It’s a thread about “Sex and the City”, lol.

I just saw the sequel yesterday, and it was pretty good. There was an older man in the theater, and I wonder if he felt weird?

And that is my point. There was a time when real romance and falling in love meant something. Those older TV shows and movies reflected Christian values. Today, because of decades of conditioning, it’s ‘just sex.’ This is better? This is more civilized? With one in five people in the United States walking around with an STD, I think the answer should be obvious.

The flesh will get you nowhere. True modesty. True love. Real commitment and caring – that’s what I grew up with.

This constant emphasis on “What’s the Big Deal” has poisoned too many Catholics and other Christians over the last 40 years. Indifference, according to Pope Benedict, is a big problem. Indifference means not a whole lot means a whole lot. Or to quote the Hippies: “Hey man. If it feels good, do it.”

God knows I’m not perfect, but we will not turn things around by saying, Yeah. Sure. Whatever. It’s boring to be good or wholesome.


No offense ed, but I really hate it when you sound like something has to be boring by modern standards just to be “good and wholesome”.

My mom watches Sex and the City and frankly shows like that and the 50s cheese you you get all nostalgic about are two extremes. One is no more tasteful than the other.

I’m not for treating sex like a harmless fling adults get into (which is what I find in a lot of American sit-coms) but neither am I for making every TV show like Pleasantville (and don’t mean the movie).

I’d have to admit, the things that come to mind when you hear “chastity” is similar to what Whoopi Goldberg said in Sister Act.

“I am outta here with that.”

We gotta find a way to redefine that. >_<;;
Although, going back in time is sooooo not the answer. :rolleyes:

I’ve made my own attempts at trying but what do you suggest? :shrug:

I cant think of a way off the top of my headthat a wholly chastity based show would work as well as Sex and the City, however, I think it would be nice maybe to have a show with a main character who is physically chaste, and how she interacts with other non-chaste people. It would be only realistic to portray a group of friends, not all of which are sexually promiscuous or complete virgins.

I dont know if you watch the show, but the character Charlotte, who while not chaste is quite prude by most standards, is best friends with Samantha and I think to show that people like these two can still be friends is lovely.
So i think it is possible to have a chaste main character.

When I watched the series, Charlotte was my favorite. Could not stand Samantha, at all.

I’m a mix of Charlotte and Samantha, according to my friends. My personality is more Charlotte, but I can deliver one liners like Samantha. And those two are my favorites.

I admit I cried when Charolette and Harry saw the picture of the baby they were adopting. It gets me everytime

Now back to the thread.

Yes that’s definitely one way I tend to go about it. Personally since I’m a fantasy nut, I actually for a bit more extreme in that I have characters that embody your stereotypical saints traveling side-by-side with grim anti-heroes that have been inspired by the real, imperfect-yet-admirable people in my life.

Dawn Eden, when her website was still active, used to comment on this a great deal. She’d gone from aspiring to this sort of lifestyle to promoting chastity, and was very illuminating on the misery that a life of the type espoused by such shows entailed.

I Love Lucy reruns? Ethel and Lucy had a great friendship, went shopping, gossiped and had nice clothes. They could be catty, they could argue, they always made up.

They were chaste.

I could watch I Love Lucy all day long.

I don’t like the SATC ladies…I find them very shallow. I remember one episode where Carrie had to buy her apartment but had no money because she squandered them on shoes.

In the new film, her character wears a $10,000 skirt. (The actual skirt from the wardrobe department cost that much. I’m not sure they mention it in the film)

The show has already been made. It was called That Girl, and it starred Marlo Thomas as a young actress named Ann Marie who lived in New York City and worked hard to break into show business. She dated a handsome man named Don Hollinger.

Ann and Don were given a totally-chaste relationship by the show’s writers. In spite of this, or perhaps because of it, the show was hilarious. The characters were all well-developed, the dialogue was witty and sharp, and the plots were clever and engaging. Ms. Thomas was a delightful actress with a perfect sense of comic timing and a willingness to engage in physical humor (tripping, mugging, etc.) when necessary.

And Ann was beautiful. Even as a child/young teenager, I knew that Ann Marie probably didn’t have enough money to buy all the fashionable outfits that she wore, but I also figured out that her parents were probably helping her out with expenses. Oh, I loved seeing her pretty dresses, her makeup, and her long black hair (with and without bangs–I liked both styles).

Again, this show was about a young woman in a big city looking for work in a worldly career (show biz), but it was so decent that a nun could watch it. And it was funny.

So it can be done. I am hoping with all of my heart that SOMEONE will re-do That Girl, but I’m so afraid it will be perverted and “updated” with sex and materialism.

I forgot all about that show! I watched it on “Nick at Nite” when I was younger. :smiley: Ah, memory lane. My mom was weird and let me watch all these older shows, instead of more current shows. :smiley:

*Morality aside though, the irony of this show, and I did see the first movie…is that here we have seemingly educated, wealthy, savvy, witty women who have such low self esteem, they’ll sleep with literally, just about anyone…

I love the cast…but that is the problem with the show for me. If women want to be treated equal, finding random bed partners night after night, ain’t how you do it…and second, if they are so ‘‘fine without a man’’ (another underlying tone of the movie) why do they sit by the phone waiting for jerks to call them?

In the first movie, when ‘‘Big’’ didn’t show up to his own church wedding…and Carrie took him back AGAIN? That’s what I find ironic about the show…women who try to come off as strong, powerful, and aloof when it comes to men…but they would do anything to not be alone…even foresake their own dignity…and what little values they have. So…they don’t need men, but they do a darn good job of acting desperate for ANY man.

The saving grace of the movie…I didn’t see part two…is that the women’s friendship is endearing and nice to watch. They support each other…they’re funny, witty…their lives are not all about immorality. Some are married, and the intricacies of married life come into play.

And that’s morality aside!! :eek:*

I remember That Girl… I watched them in re-runs as a child in the seventies.

I saw an episode a year or so ago. It was so cute, Ann and Donald were Best Man and Maid of Honor for a couple they were friends with. The wedding took place in Conecticut.

There was a mix-up at the hotel, and there were only 2 rooms available. So the bride and groom couldn’t let Ann and Donald share a room. The bride stayed with Ann and the Groom with Donald.

It was so cute how it was an issue for Ann and Donald to share a room. I used to be able to watch this as a 4 or 5 year old and it was totally fine.

I so added “That Girl” to my Netflix queue. :smiley:

Now looks for “Get Smart” and "Green Acres"
I was the weird child that could sing the “Green Acres” theme song

That sounds like a great show!

I like the episode where Ann’s parents play Monopoly with Ann and Don, and there’s a huge conflict over Marvin Gardens. I cannot play Monopoly without thinking of Mr. Marie trying to be polite and let Don have Marvin Gardens when he really wants to grab the whole game board and throw it across the room. I can’t even remember the main plot, but I remember that Monopoly game.

One of the things I liked about the show is that the men were not made-fun-of or belittled by the women on the show. Ann clearly adored Donald Hollinger and respected him and his work. And she adored her Daddy, even though he was a little overbearing at times. Interesting how in so many of the older shows, it was the MOTHER-in-law who was portrayed as an interfering shrew, whereas in That Girl, the (future) father-in-law was the one who was hard-to-get along with. But he wasn’t stupid or dim-bulbed like so many of the men on today’s sitcoms. He was just suspicious and over-protective of his daughter–isn’t that real life? Like I said, all the characters on the show were portrayed with respect.
(I’m guessing that Danny Thomas passed this value on to his daughter.)

I know, I know, she married Phil Donahue. But the show, That Girl is still a good show.

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