Sex before marriage


Do most of the protestant denomenations believe that sex before marriage is a sin?Because whenever i bring it up to a protestant person they say that it is not a sin. Is it just catholics who believe this?


Sex before marriage is fornication. All you have to do is remind them what our Lord Jesus said about “adultery, murderers, thiefs, and in the mix of that, fornicators”.
Pretty black and white.


What an odd thing to talk to someone about.

“Who do you think is going to make the playoffs”?
“I dunno, but I hope _______________ does”.
“Yeah, I agree. Hey you are a Protestant right”?
“I dunno, I’m not really protesting anything”.
“Yes, well you are. What do you believe about premaritial sex”?

Anyway…I will go on the record as saying we waited until we were married but the most recent poll says 95 percent of people do not. I would be hard pressed to believe that non-Catholics and Catholics percentages differe in practice.


That was kind of lame. Is that the best theological conversation that you could imagine?

Anyway, the actual question was: Is premarital sex a sin is protestant faiths?
Not: Do the polls say that people wait for marriage?
Nor was it: Do you think Catholics are more likely to abstain from sex before marriage?

Well my answer is that it depends on the protestant. You have to remember that some denominations allow things like the practice of sodomy and homosexuality, etc. I’m sure that many of the thousands of denominations have created a loophole for their own accords.


Some Protestant Churches are much more conservative than others… Southern Baptist, Church of Christ, many Non-Denom. Churches, Misouri Synod Lutheran etc. … would all agree that sex before marrriage is a sin, just as they would agree that homosexual marriage is wrong.

Other Protestant Churches are much more liberal and would not have a problem with it so long as the couple is “commited” to each other… whatever that means?

The Bible is clear on the subject though… fornication is a sin.


My Protestant mother taught me that sex before marriage was a sin.


Most, if not all, in the area I live in do (Ironic, since there’s a church on every corner and we also have one of, if not the, highest teen pregnancy rates in the nation). Heck, two or three years ago I was in a “True-Love Waits” class that taught us to wait for marriage. The book “Every Young Man’s Battle” and “Every Man’s Battle” were also encouraged reading. Pretty good with ‘tips’ on how to ‘train your eyes’ and such. (NOTHING, however, compared to Theology of the Body for Beginners, which I just finished reading). I still have the card they had us sign, if we wanted to, in my wallet. It says, exactly, “Believeing that true love waits, I make a commitment to God, myself, my family, my future mate, and my future children to be sexually absitnent from this day until the day I enter a biblical marriage relationship”. On the back is my signature and the date I signed it. In fact at the church I was at the True Love Waits class could almost be a sacrament it was held in such high esteem. Every teenager went through it, and afterwards the parents present their kids with a “Purity” Ring that they wear where their wedding ring would go. I also got a card and a wall cross. My ring doesn’t fit anymore, so it’s on my keychain. :slight_smile:


Sex outside of marriage is definately a sin.


Here’s my two cents.

We get bombarded with the message to have lots of sexual experience before getting married. It’s in the TV, movies, music, etc.

If I were a teenager and living those years and my twenties again, I’d go the opposite direction. I’ve found that you can have TOO MUCH experience, and it weakens your emotional development, even after you get married.


Who told you that all protestant believe Sex before marriage is not a Sin…This is not correct…Sex before marriage is a sin and pple who committed it must not do that again if they are Christ believers


Sex is actually a pretty common conversation in high school nowdays


I’m not sure about the percentages of all Protestants or anything. But the answer to the question really boils down to the individual Protestant you are talking to, and how they decide to interpret the Bible.


Yep. And I know some Lutherans who decided sex before marriage was OK. The husband just ignored the part in the bible about fornication and the wife was so proud when her 25-year-old son let it slip that he and his girlfriend were sleeping together. He was kind of a nerd and not very personable. She was worried he would always be a virgin.

That’s why personal interpretation of the bible is so dangerous.


Yeah I had a hardcore Baptist roommate one time who was always paying lip service to Scripture-Alone and fearing the Lord and all that, but he slept around with any girl he could find and even bragged about it to me every chance he got! :mad:


I don’t believe in sin but I do think that people should not have sex, even protected sex, unless they are willing to live with the wonderful chance of having a baby…and either looking after it in a solid stable home or adopting it out.

Sex is fun but its for grown up people with some structure and commitment in their lives…unless you’re sterilized then go for it. :thumbsup:


Several of my Protestant friends told me they do not consider premarital sex a sin. They then made jokes about “Catholic guilt.” I don`t think it is fair to lump all Protestants in this category though. But it is a good example of what happens when each person interprets the Bible for themself .



there is no difference between Protestant and Catholics attitudes and behaviors regarding sex before marriage
in America.
67% say it is morally acceptable

Morally Acceptable Morally
All Americans Catholics All Americans Catholics

Premarital Sex 67 67 32 31


Maybe you should quit bringing it up like you said you do.


Why is it dangerous? Maybe the woman wasn’t even a Christian. You can’t take one example of a woman who may not have even been a Christian and conclude that that’s why personal interpretation of the Bible is so dangerous.

As to the topic, I don’t know a single Protestant who would say sex before marriage is not a sin.

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