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I am having difficult trying to get though to the youth why “sex-changes” are evil and a mortal sin. But the world is trying to justify it by using Clown Fish as an example of creatures that can change their sex. But I am skeptical of the claim “change their sex”… just as I was when I read one news headline, “A man gives birth to a baby girl” The man in question wasn’t really a man, but a mutilated woman. Anyone familiar with these fish? I’m like saying to God. You have to help me out here because I can’t tell these people its wrong if your own creatures do this.




What does the clown fish matter at all? Does it really shake up your belief system if other species can change sex?

The issue is far more general. Our culture is obsessed with appearances. More and more we are normalizing cosmetic surgery. We have trouble distinguishing between using plastic surgery for people who’ve gone through traumatic physical traumas, burns or diseases with using it simply to feel emotionally better about ourselves.

We need to affirm and appreciate our bodies. We need to learn to be comfortable in our own skin.

There is this idea that we must either see a spectrum of a variety of genders or embrace a stereotypical binary about the nature of men and women. But we don’t have to embrace gender stereotypes to acknowledge that men and women are different. They’re not different as black and white are different. Each individual is an individual. No one person is quite identical with the other. The fact that my daughter loves dinosaurs and dragons doesn’t make her more or less feminine. She is feminine because she is female. Our differences are subtle and understanding them means generalizing them. The outside world feels everything needs a label. Everyone is desperate to mold themselves into an identity and they’re searching for an identity. They want to personalize themselves as they personalize everything else. They’re hungry for something but going about it the wrong way.

The main reason I can think of that people may believe that sex changes are evil is that God doesn’t make mistakes. A sex change, IMO, is saying that someone thinks that they were born as the wrong gender.

What God has allowed other species to do naturally has **no **relation to the life we live in our human bodies.

The female praying-mantis beheads its mate during reproduction; is this something we as human beings should strive to?

It is impossible to have the wrong body, as your soul was formed in and for your body and no other.


Look at it from a scientific standpoint: It is scientifically impossible. Mutilating your genitals is not going to make a man a woman or vice versa.


No one can change their sex. I worked at a large hospital when “sexual-reassignment surgery” began in the late 1970s there. I sat down with a few of the surgeons that performed the operations. They described the basic procedure and outlined the steps taken before the operation could occur.

First, a psychological evaluation to determine that the person fully understood what he or she wanted and what the situation would be like after surgery.

Second, taking hormones and getting a few tests.

One of the employees decided to go from being a woman and was modified to appear male. I stood behind her at the cafeteria and noticed her basic bone structure had not changed. The woman has decidedly different hips and her wrists, for example, are smaller than a man’s. She had cut her hair to appear masculine and had grown a mustache.

Biologically, she was not able to produce sperm and impregnate a woman. A male to female conversion would have similar results.

So the fish analogy fails because we are not fish with certain non-human abilities or other aquatic animals that are affected by, for example, exposure to certain chemicals in the water.

We are human beings, not fish.


In fact, we are affected by progesterones in water, but not to the extent that our gender would change. Gender is locked in at birth, if not before.


Well, clownfish can change gender naturally while humans need to use surgery (and even then the 23rd chromosome is the same).

No actual gender change occurs. It is surgery, not something natural.


The greatest argument against sex reassignment surgery to me is that it often doesn’t help. Many individuals continue to suffer after having the surgery, perhaps because it may well be that they’re suffering from a psychological condition and therefore surgery can’t correct it. That said, it is important to remember that the Church has not yet fully weighed in on the sinfulness of sex reassignment surgery. At the heart of this issue is CCC 2297: “Except when performed for strictly therapeutic medical reasons, directly intended amputations, mutilations, and sterilizations performed on innocent persons are against the moral law.” The question, then, is whether such surgery is defined as mutilation. If the surgery is deemed medically, therapeutically necessary, it could not be sinful. It will be interesting to see what the Holy See offers on this subject in the next few years. Were I to speak to youth about this topic, I’d advise them to pray for those suffering from this condition. There’s a tremendous amount of confusion involved about how best to minister to and view his or her needs. But prayer is always a wise course of action.

Without a doubt, I do believe that such actions are wrong, but please let me clarify. There is a genuine disorder of the mind with such people, and as such I don’t believe that many are fit to make such a life-changing choice; which calls into question if they are committing a sin or not. Yet, despite if they are sinful or not I do believe that such acts of self-mutilation are intrinsically disordered and as the Church says contrary to the natural law. As the Church also teaches that the ends don’t justify the means, even if such a person experiences small relief that doesn’t make the actions themselves right.

Our bodies were created by God and as such are immensely holy as well as a gift from Him. We can never change who we truly are as we are inherently male or female. The world seems to be embracing a dangerous ideology that tells us this is right and it simply isn’t. From some threads that I have read, a lot of people that suffer from such a disorder do seem convinced that this is the course of action that they must take.

I don’t have any answers but only to offer prayers for such people. The Church does seem to offer a different choice, but not less easier! The way of the cross as it suggests they unite their suffering agonies to the Passion of our Christ on the Holy Cross. This may not be a popular choice, yet it has brought immense graces to many Saints. I do pray for such people.

Sequential hermaphroditism occurs in some plants, fish, and gastropods, not humans, and is naturally occurring. Asexual reproduction occurs in whip-tail lizards (called parthenogenesis) but does not occur in mammals.

Not always.

In has been reported that in the cases seen in the Dominican Republic, locals celebrate when a child they previously believed to be a “girl” naturally transform into his male body upon reaching puberty and socially assumes his male gender role (in most cases, the gender identity had always been male even when the child was still socially a female



Under certain conditions it seems that some frogs change from one sex to the other, I think.

Plus worms, slugs, and other creepy crawlies are hermaphrotidic…or something like that, and they reproduce by exchanging genetic material. The “parents” are each simultaneously mother and father.

And who knows what’s going on with bacteria. :shrug:

Bacterial reproduction is asexual (fission and budding).

It treats a disease by indulging it. John Hopkins School of Medicine used to allow sex change surgeries but stopped because they realized that post-surgery patients still dealt with some of the emotional anguish they went through before the surgery. In other words, they stopped because they realized that mutilating perfectly good sexual organs was not helping their patients at all, it was unnecessary.

Gender dysphoria is a psychological problem not a physiological problem. There are people who have psychological disorders where they want to remove their limbs. Should the doctors make this the reality if the patients feels as if they are an amputee at heart? No, the doctor should help the patient’s disorder by seeking psychological treatment instead of trying to indulge it.

Also look at this. Good explanation.

It often helps substantially and only rarely does it harm.

No, John Hopkins stopped doing it because McHugh was against it though his data didn’t support his conclusions.

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