Sex, dating and seniors . .


Hey, does anybody know of any good articles I could share with a dear friend who is dating, in her senior years, and seems to be thinking that some of the morality issues younger daters face don't apply anymore . . . . ? Does "Theology of the Body" address seniors, or is it geared for the young person? Thanks in advance!


It would help to know on what this person bases her position. The Sixth Commandment is quite clear. So, what does she provide as evidence that she no longer must follow the Sixth Commandment?


Well, I think she just want to do what she wants to do in this instance. She’s been lonely for a long time, and thinks she has finally found somebody. Unfortunately, it’s not a good situation at all, as he is married to a woman with advanced alzheimer’s, so they are planning to “wait until she dies” . . . . but have no plans for marriage. And even so, well, it’s just bad all around.

I don’t need a treatise on all the reasons this is bad – I know. She knows too - she is just blinded by infatuation and loneliness. I think she will respond to a good spiritual read on chastity that might be geared more to senior situations than preventing young girls from becoming unwed mothers. I really believe God puts people in our paths in these instances to help us see what we don’t want to hear, and being her friend, I feel I’m that person for her right now. She has been that person for me in past instances. Thanks!


If she’s cheating with a man whose wife is dying of Alzheimer’s, probably an appeal to morality isn’t going to hit home.

Do some research and send her articles about the rapid escalation of AIDS among senior citizens…



I’d bet he’s not been faithful before. Anyone who is planning his next marriage when his wife isn’t even dead yet…


Thanks for the link. It's not exactly what I had in mind, but I appreciate your efforts.

I know this woman well, and she will respond to God's grace in pulling her back, I'm very sure. She's a good woman and a good Catholic suffering from some temporary blindness. I appreciate what you said about the man: "I'd bet he's not been faithful before"

I wouldn't be surprised if you are right. People are weak. Thank God for the sacraments!


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