Sex during pregnancy.


I was wondering… is it morally wrong to have sex during pregnancy? Medically speaking I guess the first six months are alright… but is it wrong from a Catholic perspective?

Certainly not!

For that matter, the last three months are fine, too, all provided that the pregnancy doesn’t have some sort of medical complications that preclude intercourse.

One doesn’t have to be able to conceive in a given marital act in order to perform it; one just has to be open to the possibility. Ergo, postmenopausal women, men who have been rendered sterile due to cancer treatments, etc, etc can certainly have sex! (Provided, that is, that they’re married, obviously.)

Nope. Why would it be sinful?

I’m nearing 9 months pregnant and hubby and I still engage in marital relations when I feel up to it every once in a while. I’ll admit the frequency has dropped substantially…but if both spouses feel up to it…why would it be sinful?

It’s actually a great, natural way to kick start labor.

Nothing wrong or sinful about sex during a pregnancy at any time…as long as she is healthy and her doctor says it’s okay.

Why would it be wrong???

Congratulations! One of the greatest of times in life in my opinion… Well, you know what I mean -after it’s all said and done and looking back. :slight_smile:

The Church doesn’t forbid it during pregnancy, theologically speaking.

As far as I know and from my own experience, it’s normal to have sex during at least most of the pregnancy. During the very end of the pregnancy, some women avoid it but not all. Some medical professionals claim that, during the latter part of pregnancy, sex (oxytoxin in women rising during intercourse) can actually cause birth, but I don’t believe that’s true and there’s anything wrong with it fundamentally.

Some couples have even have sex immediately after birth, while others wait a while. It basically depends on the couple during the last of the pregnancy and immediately after birth.

My understandings and opinions, for what they’re worth.

Thanks for the replies… was a little confused… :slight_smile:

It’s not so much the oxytocin levels but the husband’s semen that can soften the cervix and stimulate it to start contractions.

Many doctors recommend this method as a perfectly healthy and natural way to start labor…especially if the wife is overdue.
Both husband and wife need to be up for it and wife needs to be healthy and under her OB or midwife’s okay to proceed.

Otherwise…have at it…IMHO.


We’re excited about kiddo number 2! :smiley:

I was 2 weeks overdue with my first child. My husband and I spent those last 2 weeks in the bedroom. I still ended up having to be induced.

Unless your doctor has advised against it, have at it while you can!!


That was somewhat of an amusing way of putting it. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not to pick on the OP, but it does seem that an awful lot of catholics have the thought process along the lines of “sex isn’t allowed unless a baby can result.”

That’s not a correct understanding. It’s more correct to say that “sex isn’t all that it is supposed to be if the couple intentionally renders the act sterile. It’s something cheaper.”

A pregnant couple obviously isn’t sterilizing their lovemaking, are they? Go get 'em.


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