Sex Ed Conference Touts Alternatives: Bathe, Shave And Role-Play Together


Seaside, Ore. (CBS SEATTLE) – Controversy is surrounding a sex education conference in Oregon as the event has hosted students as young as 11 years old. The conference gives tips on masturbation, using internet porn and quirky alternatives to sex.


There has also been controversy about sex ed programs at Roman Catholic parochial schools and colleges.


“…tutorials on porn websites, pamphlets on sexting and information about … the remote use of sex toys.”

This wasn’t a school sex ed program, but some school sex ed programs may be pretty objectionable. Time to get sex education out of the schools entirely and leave it to parents.


Why not mention that to the Catholics in charge of the parochial schools and those Catholics in charge of these programs at Catholic colleges?


There are two reasons why I try to eat healthy and exercise: 1. so I can live to see the reunion with the Orthodox 2. To see how morally depraved the west becomes and if it can get far enough to provoke a forceful reaction and rejection against the cultural marxist monopoly of our “education” system.


All moral issues aside, does anyone else find the “shaving each other” tip to be totally gross? It seems like the fastest way to kill a mood if you spend time together getting rid of unwanted hair. Plus, how big of a mood killer would it be if you accidentally cut the other person!?

That tip just really stood out to me. My husband and I certainly wouldn’t shave each other unless the other one is incapacitated in some way and shaving would just be a part of normal hygiene. Body hair is best handled by the owner of the body hair! (or a trained cosmetologist)

I’m reminded of an old TV show or movie (can’t remember what it was) where a woman told her husband she loved to watch him shave in the mornings, but that was from a way less creepy perspective. It seemed to be more along the lines of just loving to see her husband clean-shaven and smelling nice.


When it comes to school sex education programs, having no children in either parochial or private schools, I only know what I read about or hear about, but even that second hand information sounds pretty bad to me.

When sex education was first introduced in schools, the idea was to teach about the male and female reproductive systems. It was a biology course somewhat expanded. Now, it seems to have become a how to program in varieties of sexual experience. Way too much for young minds.

In the referenced conference program there was even mention of remotely controlled sex toys (through the internet.)
I’m not sure how much more sexual degradation can be forced upon children without permanent damage to society. We’re probably approaching the collapse point already.


Unless said schools want/can do away with state & federal funding (which requires sex education), such conversations would like be unproductive.


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