Sex-ed in schools.. Morality?

I thought this topic would fit better in this forum than in the “Family Life” forum, because it’s a question of morality and doctrine.

How much should be covered in school’s sex-ed programs? Should we as Catholics be fighting the total infiltration of Planned Parenthood “doctrine” in our schools? Do we have a moral obligation to fight it?

What substance is there in the argument that we can’t impose our morals on others, and young people (we’re talking about older teenagers) will engage in sexual activities, so we have to inform them of the risks involved in said activity, and the precautions they should take.

In total- how much do we “tolerate” in public schools?

Regarding Sex Ed and the anti-Christian agenda it seems to have: I suggest to follow scripture, ‘…preach the word, be urgent in season and out of season, convince, rebuke, and exhort, be unfailing in patience and in teaching.’ 2Timothy 4:2.

The problem seems not to be a matter of sexual education, but the teaching of morals regarding sex: The Public School System vs. The Family’s.

I have never heard of a school system that changed their sex ed curriculm because they were offending parents. If there has been school systems, I’m sure we could count them on one hand.

This might be the best time to work with families of similar aged children and the priest to see if the church has a sex ed course for teens, as well as if they have objections to the public school’s curriculm and what have they done about changing it to a more informative versus permissive class.

Get involved with your teen: ask what was taught, any hand outs, look over the book (there is always a book), and ask what s/he learned today. If something sounds immoral, ask if they know it is immoral, and WHY IT IS IMMORAL. Explain that sex is not ‘dirty’ nor ‘wrong’ in our church; God commanded us to ‘Go forth and multiply.’ Reinforce in your child the reverence for our bodies, respect for Life in all forms, the true love expressed between a husband and wife-you may want to read Song of Songs, and the depth of love between a married couple vs. bodily lust, which is fleeting (ie: the one night stand).

Also, arm yourself with the facts: Planned Parenthood is a business. Do you know how much money they made last year on abortions? If you stopped abortions completely, how many of those people would be out of a job? They want young people to get pregnant so they can come to the abortion clinic and pay the abortionists so they can make money.

Planned Parenthood and the like do not care about the emotional scars, the impact an abortion has on a female body, and how the abortion affects the relationship between the female, the male, the mothers and fathers, and the friends. All Planned Parenthood cares about is money. Honestly, go out and get the business facts, the cold, hard facts, and present them to your teen.

Be vigilant, do your best job as a parent, because when you die, you have to answer to God as to why you raised your kid as you did, or so my mom told me.


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