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I found the following and thought it such an eloquent statement on abstinence I thought I’d post it here:

School Sex Ed

I was holding a notice from my 13-year-old son’s school announcing a meeting to preview the new course in sexuality. Parents could examine the curriculum and take part in an actual lesson presented exactly as it would be given to the students…


The teacher explained to me that the job of the school was to teach “facts,” and the home was responsible for moral training.

Interesting story. I’m afraid the lesson might also have the effect of making sexual relations seem as casual as shaking hands.

As for teaching the “facts,” it is a fact that any student practicing abstinence will never have to worry about pregnancy or STD’s.


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Ahhh, nothing like a zinger from the Holy-Spirit !!!



i am continually amazed at year after year the more we educate our children the larger out of wedlock pregnancy occurs… the teenage pregnancy at record highs… all i ever heard from the schools and medical professions, that knowledge was power, and we should arm our children with the necessary sex education to stop the explosion of unwanted children and single parenthood…

i want to take this moment to respond to those schools of thought and medical professionals… the amount of friendly fire casualties are increasing… in the name of sex education… sometimes less is more… :twocents:


Oops I forgot to read the article.
That’s better.

I think that there should be some sex ed offered, but not to the way it is getting any more. I had friends in high school and college who knew to much, and ones who knew to little.

Trust me, I had a friend who was so confused that when she was a few days late she freaked that she was pregnant, only male contact she had was cuddling. I bought her a pregnancy test and had her use it because she didn’t believe me that you couldn’t get pregnant while being fully dressed and having no hands where they shouldn’t be. I also knew people who thought that pregnancy wouldn’t happen if you didn’t worry about it, although I think that one only works if you aren’t worried about having sex either, as some of those girls have adorable elementary school age children.
Good luck
Kat You don’t want your kids learning their morals from middle school teachers or students though.


Don’t let him go. I had that sex education training, and one of the speakers was a Planned Parenthood representative. Teach your kids at home, don’t trust the schools to raise your kids or teach them anything other than reading and math (even though they are doing pretty lousy at that too).

I too had a friend who got pregnant because she ignorantly believed that you couldn’t get pregnant your first time. I wish parents would talk to thier kids more, that’s kinda what they are there for.


We present “Love and Life” by Ignatius Press to our 7th & 8th graders over a 4 week period. there is a 2-week prep for it, and parents are invited to preview before we start, and to purchase the Parents Guide (which has the physical-biological stuff in it) if they wish. They are also supposed to participate in the 4 sessions, but only a couple ever show up. the intro-parent meeting and signed consent are mandatory. we make the opposite statement to the parents: it is our job to teach Chrisitian morality, and the parents job to teach the biology. Of course, the parents have (or should have) been modelling Christian morality throughout their marriage to their children. The point is we are not the proper people to teach the physical stuff–that is the parents perogative.



Do the parents all respond well when you say

statement to the parents: it is our job to teach Chrisitian morality, and the parents job to teach the biology.


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