Sex immorality on local yahoo


it has been a few months since local yahoo is filled with news like “free union-- new choice of life”, ways of BDSM play, pictures of nude actorress, “pictures of children deserve to be kicked”(suggestive child homosexual behavior)
I’m wondering if contents of all yahoo sites are controlled by a single company. Do those “modern” atheists in my country think these behavior are normal? at least when I was an atheist I regarded them as perverted sex behavior.


Don’t know anything about who decides what on Yahoo, But THANK GOD I have invested in a good internet filtering program. :thumbsup:


we have used yahoo for about 3 months and I have never seen what you are describing. we have a pop-up filter for ads, are you talking about ads or editorial content?


If you use Yahoo as your home page you can edit your preferences as to content.


puzzleannieThere’s nothing wrong with US yahoo. in yahoo for my country those content are in editorial section not ads
JimG I used to set yahoo as homepage because of that I now use google.


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