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In the bible, it says, that we neither marry or are given in marriage in heaven, so is that because you are already married here, what is the point of creating us male and female, and if it is on earth as it is in heaven, then why would god create us male and female only for us to later be “revoked” of that, giving me the question, do we have sex in heaven, as male and female, and if not, how does that work? are we only to use it as a redproductive function here on earth, or is there more to it?

I am a newbie to all this (just confirmed last year) and in my opinion this is a great question – I have heard a little said about this subject ----

— we are “Pure Spirit” in Heaven so there is no kind of earthly physical activity like sex (how in the world can a spirit do that with no flesh???)

— The love and joy we feel in Heaven is so beyond anything we can understand as a physical being here on earth that we have no idea what is in store for us (and it will certainly be far greater than anything we have felt here on earth).

— As pure spirits like the Angels are now there is no need for “Physical” things like we experience here on earth.

— Like Angels, “Pure Spirits” don’t marry, or pair off or anything like that and have no need for that and neither will we when we experience the ultimate greatness that is Heaven

Well, just a couple things I remember — hope you get lots of answers on this one – I would like to read the replies.

i thought we had bodies in heaven though, isnt a ressurection the point of having a body, aka re - surrect… i agree with the pure spirit part, but i dont believe that we are some sort of spirit with no body,

None of us know what is going to happen in heaven … and there is no reason to try to figure it out … let’s just hope we all make it there.

^^ Best answer. Worry about being with God, then let God take care of the rest.

Think about guys or girls who are dealt a bad hand in life as far as finances, life situation, looks, social skills (big big big one), etc., rendering them unable to enter into a relationship and get married or ever find a partner. Some people will die as unwilling virgins. Meanwhile everybody else gets to enjoy companionship and sex with their partner. The outcast who wanted a partner (especially if it’s someone specific) is locked out forever, and they’re just out of luck. This is far more common than society likes to admit, so the problem continues and has increased with the Millenial generation.

So they die and in the afterlife are just forever excluded from something everybody else got to enjoy because humans have said there’s not going to be “any use for it” or “impossible” (because God is definitely limited by what humans say is impossible) in the afterlife anyway? Doesn’t sound very heavenly. The argument is also made that we won’t need sex or relationships because we’ll have direct access to God and that should be enough. This is the greatest “spiritual” joy one can imagine, certainly, but then what? What about other aspects of existence? We’re in some kind of “nirvana” forever like in Buddhism, a “oneness” where we don’t exist anymore? There’s a reason God created woman for man, and animals, etc.

Jesus also says, in Revelation, that after he destroys this world, he will create a perfect one where humanity will be restored, and sadness, evil, etc. will be abolished from existence.

So I would assume that basic activities that humans enjoy like eating, drinking, having sex, sleeping, entering into relationships, having children, etc. will be a part of the New Earth too.

Yes, I just had a very senior moment (more like brain dead probably - LOL) – Apostle’s Creed – I Believe in The Resurrection of the Body, etc… Sorry, I’m getting old and have had too much of my brain hurt by medications ---- So glad my Guardian Angel watches over me.

Wishing you well,

God Bless


We will be embodied, full stop, because we really do not “have a body”, we are bodies.

A human being is a breathing soul and a thinking body.

However, procreation is something of this life only, as is marriage, according to our LORD.

So while we will be male and female, because there is no human-bodiedness without male and female; presumably this will work differently in the next life than now.

The physiology Cliff Notes for our pneumatikon soma (spiritual body) are not yet to be had.


I doubt it. We won’t need it we will have God! :slight_smile: Yeah we will see family who have died but I believe we will love each other more like sisters and brothers. That’s just my guess though. :o

“In heaven there is no beer, that’s why we drink it here.” Analogous situation regarding marital intimacy I think.

The purpose of sex here on earth is for us to have an intimate way of connecting with someone and also for reproduction. In heaven we’ll have more ways to connect to each other in an even more intimate way that if sex was allowed we would prefer the new way. :slight_smile: Also we don’t need to reproduce in heaven either. So that’s why sex is unnecessary in heaven. We’ll have a better way of connecting with each other. It’s like trying to communicate with a telegraph from the old days, or smoke signals verses using the internet today. No one wants to use a telegraph or smoke signals anymore, not when we have more effective ways to connect and communicate, the internet and cell phones and Facebook. LOL Worrying about sex in heaven is like worrying about will there be smoke signals or a telegraph in heaven. :wink: Sex will pale next to the things we’ll have in heaven to connect intimately with each other. Plus our bodies will be like little children’s where we’ll have gender, but no sexual desires. So it’s not like we’ll have sexual desires in heaven that we can’t act on. We won’t even want or need it. It’s good for us on earth because of how limited our existence is here on earth. But once we get to heaven we’ll move on the bigger and better things. :slight_smile:

Given this from the Gospel of Matthew and given God gives us the context of marriage for sex, there will be no sex in heaven.

22:30 NAB
At the resurrection they neither marry nor are given in marriage but are like the angels in heaven.

I love this passage…1 Corinthians 2:9 NAB

But as it is written:
“What eye has not seen, and ear has not heard,
and what has not entered the human heart,
what God has prepared for those who love him,”


I see what you’re saying, but even if they did miss out on those things on earth, it will be like going from crawling, skipping over walking and going straight to running and flying. There won’t be any sadness for what they didn’t have on earth because what they wanted on earth will pale compared to what they will enjoy in heaven. If they got sex in the afterlife, they would **still be behind **those who have moved on to bigger things. It’s like you make $5hr while everyone else makes $10 hr. You feel sad like you’re missing out on making $10 hr, then later everyone gets promoted to make $30 hr. You will no longer be sad about not making $10 hr you’ll be happy to be making $30 hr. $10 hr won’t mean anything to you anymore. It’s like that in heaven. What everyone will have in place of sex will be so wonderful that sex won’t even mean anything to you anymore. :thumbsup:

I’m fascinated … have you been to heaven?

It is more on what we are (in heaven). The Church’s teaching, roughly in my own word, is that the body would be resurrected on the last day for the final judgment. Thus we would have both body and soul, but resurrected body, which like the other poster said, is spirit.

We therefore do not have anymore physical needs, like getting hungry or having sex. The latter is also a physical/biological need, the purpose which the Church would say, for unity of the marriage and for procreation. The former I think would include for their pleasure as well.

If the glimpse we have in the Book of Revelation is anything to go by, the activities of the heavenly creatures are to worship God unceasingly. Probably that is the ultimate satisfaction for us which transcends physical pleasure.

God bless.

I am not sure what you mean by “thus we would have both body and soul, but resurrected body, which like the other poster said, is spirit.” Seems contradictory to me. If we have a physical body, resurrected or not, we are not “spirit” alone. We are body and spirit, and so we shall be.

I think, if I understand the original posters question, that the inquiry is less about “sex” i.e. the marital act, and more about “gender”. So yes, we will be either male or female in heaven because that is the nature of how God made us.

Hi. We have resurrected body in heaven, which in a way is not the same as our earthly body. That was what I meant, Sorry about the ambiguity.

Resurrected body now is together with the soul (and thus make the fullness of the body albeit resurrected body).

In death, the soul is separated from the body but during the last day, our bodies are resurrected and joined together with the souls for final judgment.

In heaven though, the resurrected body (now together with the soul) does not have any physical needs unlike the earthly body.

Since, food and sex are physical needs, they are not needed any more in heaven.

What I wanted to point out was the difference in earthly body and resurrected body; the former is physical, the latter is different, maybe spirit, for lack of better word.

An example maybe one can take is the resurrected body of Jesus. If compared to his earthly body, that is before resurrection, it is different, which is more like a spirit, doing thing that a physical body cannot. Even though Jesus did eat (breaking of bread on the road to Emmaus), we know that he did not have to.

As to the question about marriage in heaven, again IMO, this is physical too, so not necessary.

Sex is not a physical need…

It is not a “need” of the individual, as counter to what adolescents may feel, no-one will die without it.

It is a collective need because the race requires it to be continued.

But in a deathless life there will be no need for it.


Jesus had a resurrected body. Jesus also ate with His disciples after the resurrection. He spoke of having a feast prepared for us in heaven.

I’ve got no idea what heaven will be like, other than Christ assuring us it will be well worth the effort to join Him there.

FWIW, I think Heaven is going to be such a wonderful place that I won’t need to worry about getting my enjoyment from sex anymore.

My :twocents:

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