Sex in heaven?


**Simply put - do you think there will be sex in heaven? **

Those of you who know Peter Kreeft perhaps know what he has to say about it. If you want some futher insights from him, look first at his article at:

Thank you for your comments :slight_smile:


Simply put. no. i couldn’t stomach that article. sorry. no offense! I got through a 1/4 of the article and quit reading,


How can you have sex without a body?


Don’t know. But that shouldn’t bother us much as we will have them in Heaven :slight_smile:


Sure, no problem :slight_smile: Btw, he’s got also an mp3 lecture on his site on this. Perhaps that would be more digestable than reading the article. But it’s great. Peter Kreeft is truly excellent.


Hm, any reason, btw for that “no” answer?


Yes, because I do not believe what he says about sex in heaven. i just couldn’t stomach his line of thinking. sorry.


That’s absolutely ok. But is there any reason why *you *believe the answer to my question in this topic is negative? (if I got it correctly…) :slight_smile:


There will be no sexual intercourse in Heaven–that’s why Jesus said we will be like angels. What Kreeft seemed to be saying is that sexuality is bigger than just intercourse. It is being a man or a woman with all that makes each soul different. And we will have sexuality in Heaven. Mary is still the quintessential woman, etc.


Yes we WILL have body in heaven.

"We believe…in the resurrection of the body…

Jesus has a Body, a human body, in heaven. So does Mary.

Am I not understanding something here?


I have not been much impressed by what little of Kreeft’s other work I have read; this is quite the change of pace from that. It’s a long-overdue celebration and deep examination of something all too often seen as taboo or ‘dirty’ by many modern Christians.

Sure, thinking about the divine in sexual terms may seem a little too close to remembering that your parents had to tango for you to show up, but guess what? That’s just the way it is. And it’s not too hard to associate gender with God already – just look at the furor raised over someone referring to the first person of the trinity as ‘she’! Where there’s gender, there’s sex. Kreeft’s treatment of the relationship between the Father and the Son may leave a few fans holding their heads – and it does raise some rather interesting questions.

I was not expecting him to draw the conclusions he did from his third principle. Color me most pleasantly shocked.


Dear Zemi,

I wonder why he does not address little children here. Babies, ect. ?


Yes, I think you reason very well, but correct me if I’m wrong - there’s no official document that would says something on this i.e. nobody “really knows”.

Moreover, I kindly :slight_smile: disagree and the Church would also. We’re created as male and female and we will stay like that in Heaven. Likewise, we will stay human. We will be human male and human female. We will not be angels. Angels do not have body. We will. I think Jesus wanted to say that also we - like angels - will see God fully face to face…


i do not think your post is negative. i just do not agree with the man who wrote that article.


Sexuality, as in gender, absolutely. Jesus was, after all, still male when he rose from the dead, and I have no doubt Mary is still female in heaven.

But sex as in intercourse? No. Definitely not.

Jesus did say there would be no ‘marrying nor giving in marriage’ in heaven. Remember the woman who married seven brothers one after the other - she’d be in for a good time if they were all still her husbands in heaven! They might complain a bit though :wink:

Nor will we have children in heaven. So no marriage AND no children necessarily means no sex - for it would serve neither of the purposes it has on earth, not the unitive nor procreative.


I think what awaits us in Heaven will be way better than any sex.

Way way way way way way WAAAAAAAYYYYY better! :thumbsup:


About time. A Catholic Tantra-Yoga.:smiley:

If “sex” is about “self-forgetfulness”, then spirituality is the ultimate “sex”.:wink: And physical intercourse can then be seen as a limited form of “spiritual intercourse”.

(Kreeft, to his credit, could have gone much, much further. He actually left a lot unsaid, and for good reasons.:rolleyes:)


Well. I’m fine. Everybody’s free to disagree :slight_smile: And any your opinion on sex in heaven? :slight_smile:


I know we won’t be angels–we will be like them when it comes to sexual intercourse.

Matt. 22:30 For in the resurrection they shall neither marry nor be married; but shall be as the angels of God in heaven.


Dear Hellisreal, :slight_smile:

hm, yes, you’re right. He doesn’t mention the elder people either. Nor babies. I don’t think there will be wrinkled people in Heaven. I don’t think there will be toddlers hopping around. Don’t know how it will be there. No one knows. I’m too limited to say what would be there. We can’t possibly know.

I know that there will be no reproduction in Heaven. Maybe there will be no “marital acts” needed at all to obtain the full blessedness (I know, no marriages). That seems crazy I know! But anything I would say now for or against it would be a mere speculation.

If one just stops and think of it… what must have been sex like in paradise?.. I think St. Augustine says the joy from sex must have been far more greater than the limited one one has out of it now.

Then consider that there couldn’t have been any labour pangs… How joyful giving birth must have been! That’s my opinion, everyone’s free to disagree. But I think that’s what common sense tells us.

It also btw occured to me - did the pregnancy last for 9 months? :slight_smile: Who knows :slight_smile:

Just some thoughts, folks :slight_smile:

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