sex in marriage

if someone that is a practicing catholic has three kids does that mean they only had sex three times, and no masterbation.

It means they had sex at least once (if they had triplets).

Note that a baby is not conceived every time someone has married relations.

Married Catholic couples are not limited to one occasion of sex for each child they have. They have sex as often as they choose to, within reason.

People have this odd outlook on sex and the church. Your supposed to have sex, lots of sex, enjoy it. Be passionate a caring and intimate.

There is nothing wrong with marital sex.

I smell a troll.

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Besides, anyone familiar with the basics of biology should know that even with regular intercourse, only 80% of married couples conceive within a year of marriage. The OP’s grasp of human sexuality and reproduction seems tenuous. :rolleyes:

“Tenuous” is not a euphimism for something worse is it.:wink:

My kids cousins informed them that we had to do it five times!:eek:
They are still grossed out:rolleyes:

but then wouldn’t you have like a million children…
i’m not trolling i promise

No. Heh, if I take your post literally, it would take more than a million years to have a million children, considering the fact that it takes approximately 9 months for each child (excluding multiple children in a pregnancy) and it is impossible to conceive again immediately after birth, because breastfeeding causes the woman to be naturally infertile for a time.

You really sound like you’re trolling. If you want to convince us that you aren’t, don’t post like one. :stuck_out_tongue:

A woman is only fertile for a short period of time every month. A woman is not fertile while pregnant (she can’t get pregnant again if she’s currently pregnant), and many women postpone the return of fertility after childbirth by breastfeeding. I got pregnant with my second almost as soon as I could have, and my children are spaced 25 months apart. If that pattern holds true, and I didn’t employ natural family planning (besides the natural delay due to breastfeeding), I could be expected to have 6-8 children before I reach menopause. That’s a “large family” by many standards, but it’s hardly a million.

There are women who, in the absence of contraceptives, could conceive a child every year or so. I think the record is something like 65? But that included a lot of multiples and is actually impossible to verify now (or at least it’s cost-prohibitive to do the research.)

Rather than questioning Catholic belief or teaching. You would do well to learn about the human body.

How old are you?

Do you understand basic human biology?


Don’t ask, and I won’t tell. :slight_smile:

Right, and I have a suspicion that “isus” is **not **the OP’s real name. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am going to guess you are a guy. Women only can get pregnant during a small window in every month.

This is beginning to be a lot like “What’s My Line?”


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Sorry for that last post…we’re iced in…going bonkers…:whacky:

Each month there’s a very small (2-3 day window) in which a woman can conceive. Even if you have sex in that 2-3 day timespan, there’s only a 20% chance that conception will occur.

It’s honestly a miracle that anyone ever gets pregnant, let alone on accident.

It takes a healthy couple an average of 1 year with active trying to get pregnant. If a couple has not conceived after a year of active trying (six months if you’re over 30, due to the limited window of opportunity for intervention) then they are diagnosed as clinically infertile.

Catholics are not taught that sex is only for making babies. Rather, we are taught that it is a requirement that we not put anything in the way of being open to new life. If a couple has sex during a time when the woman is naturally infertile (such as when she is pregnant, breastfeeding, postmenopausal, at an infertile stage in her cycle, or naturally sterile) that doesn’t mean they’re not open to life, as long as they haven’t used anything artificial to stifle the procreative end of sex. Sex is intended to be unitive (bring the couple together), exclusive (shared only between a husband and wife), and procreative (opened to new life). It should always be ordered toward these things, but that doesn’t mean that EVERY sex act has to be naturally opened to life.

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