Sex in Movies Pushes Kids to have sex earlier

Link to Forbes article.

This article is about a long-term study done by Dr Ross O’Hara et al which shows a corelation between the sexual content of movies someone 12-14 watches and later sexual behavior.

From the article: Kids who watch movies with more sex scenes tend to lose their virginity at a younger age, have more sexual partners and report less condom use, according to a new study from Dartmouth’s Geisel School of Medicine.

For those who say media content does not affect people’s behavior: in that case, why do companies spend big bucks for advertisements?

In other news, rain is still wet, the sun is hot, and fire still burns.


There is another equally valid theory here. It could very well be that kids who have parents that allow or encourage them to be exposed to that type of media are taught more liberal values and attitudes towards sex. Whereas the kids who are not allowed or encouraged to view those things are taught more rigid sexual values and do not grow up thinking that early sex is or should be the norm.

Correlation does not equal causation. And I think that the values and attitudes imparted by the family have far more of an impact than movies do.

I agree to an extent, but repetitive exposure to sex-based stimuli can have a profound affect on development regardless of family and upbringing.

Perhaps. But we’d never know. I would venture to say that the people who are brought up with conservative sexual values aren’t exposed to nearly as much media that portrays early and casual sex as the norm.

I agree with this. A fellow at the office liked Clint Eastwood spaghetti westerns in which the character held his cigarette in his teeth on the side of his mouth. My co-worker went around with his cigarette the same way. A rock band wore Mercedes emblems for necklaces; I lost 4 hood ornaments to that fad. Mercedes wheel covers use to fit Toyota truck wheels, so [you guessed it] Toyota trucks all over with Mercedes wheel covers. I don’t know who started wearing his ball cap backwards, but I’m sure it wasn’t some parent. I could go on, but you get the point. Whenever you increase sexual tension, you increase sexual activities. That goes for adults as well as kids. :sad_yes:

People’s behavior is affected because there’s already a demand, not the other way around. Besides, haven’t you heard? Traditional marketing is dying.

Setting that aside, sex in media is obviously not for those lacking maturity. But then again, it’s that lack of maturity that makes them incapable of processing the information (e.g. context).

That’s a good connection to consider. But it also seems to be a generational thing.
I think it’s pretty hard to, not be aware of the pop culture – then there is the case of over protection, the trends in the movies and television also does not help, and there are also lukewarm families that really put values and God third to other things like entertainment and comfort.

When I was coming in up in school, the “moral norm” was that premarital sex is ho-hum by the time you arrive in college.
I don’t think people are following the standard, more individuals are now having to privately dedicate themselves to keep with God’s standard than the worldly ones which is rapidly drifting

And I think that the values and attitudes imparted by the family have far more of an impact than movies do.

True in some cases, related to individuals, but then again each individual and all kids are impacted. ( I believe public schools also have sway on the children, because outside influences can easily peer pressure kids who come from stable families too, in tandem with the pop culture.)

For instance, you can have values and attitudes imparted by good parents, but still have siblings, adhere to completely different values.

One child, displays that of what one would think is a practicing family, while the other child, reflects that one falsely concludes displays the character of a family that is loose in morals and values.

So that’s where the validity in that theory breaks down…

What the blessed Mother acknowledges is true in Fatima, and there is a reason why she preached , penance, penance, penance, especially for sins against the flesh.

From another thread:

So, as a student, you can be punished for holding traditional values. **

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