Sex is healthy for you stuff?


I have this link here and we of the faith don’t believe this. But I am asking someone to look at this and think can science actually answer a question like this?

I don’t know if sex actually helps these things. But we are not to do it except in certain circumstances (in marriage) and so on. Is it possible that these things can be true? What is said here. I don’t see any research or real science. It just looks like opinion. Can real conclusions be drawn here?


It’s totally ridiculous! I’ve known people who are married and have plenty of sex and get diabetes, cancer, and all sorts of things. I also know unmarried people who never have sex - nuns - who remain perfectly healthy. I know one woman who has regular sex, according to her, I don’t live in her bedroom! and she seems to have a bladder infection all the time. In fact, she take drinks gallons of cranberry juice to try to prevent them. She has to take an antibiotic after sex or she gets cystitis, and she’s very clean. Sometimes she gets it despite the antibiotic.

The Church teaches correctly, self-pleasuring is a sin because it can lead to lust, among other things.

My mother told me when she was young, doctors said masturbation would cause blindness. They actually believed that. The nuts who wrote that article don’t know any better.


The thing that gets me about these is that it doesn’t seem to be masturbation per se. It’s not very precise. Seems like regular ole sexual intercourse would achieve the same ends, and the Church isn’t anti-sex. :shrug:


I won’t read the link, but I have heard this before.

“Science” is a term that gets thrown around a lot. There are 2 kinds of science. Actual and theoretical.

Much of theoretical science is just opinion. You find this stuff everywhere, and they use big words that sound scientific (what I like to call “high-sounding garbage”). Oftentimes, like here, it is to deceive. It comes from the Devil.

God loves you


It touts masturbation over intercourse because it says intercourse can spread STDs and cause unwanted pregnancies! Sure it can, but among the married faithful, I don’t think it’s likely to do so!

It’s a ridiculous article.


Right. It takes a premise for granted that shouldn’t be.


First of all, don’t be taken in by one study. There are all sorts of studies, and many would have to be done and the results meta-analyzed to “prove” anything, and even then it’s no guarantee that newer science would disprove the hypothesis.

Know also that “correlation does not equal causation.” Even if there are certain physical processes such as described in this article that are attributable to solo sex, those benefits are likely to be realized through morally licit married sex too, and without the concurrent ill effects which have been documented other places - such as sexual addiction, broken marriages, inability to see others as people rather than sex objects, and other evils.

Many nuns live to be over 100 - this is something I started noticing in the obituaries so that’s just my casual observation, not scientific data - but there are some studies including the famous “Nun Study” about their health as they age:

As a female, I’m sure I experience less temptation than a lot of guys, but I’ve managed to not give in since making a decision in my teen years to not give into that sin. I made a commitment and life is better for it. If I followed society’s permissiveness, the libido would be there and well, TMI if I say anymore. So I just accept, that is off limits the same as fooling with someone’s husband or picking up a guy in a bar, or cohabiting outside of marriage.

Finally, there are plenty of other completely morally licit ways to obtain positive health benefits. Exercise and good nutrition, good interactions with friends, work satisfaction, avoiding toxins, not smoking, hobbies, pets, travel, doing good in the world, and . . . wait for it . . . practicing your Faith and praying, becoming closer to God. I’m sure anyone can add to this list without straining their brain too much.

Suggested Reading: Don’t worry - there won’t be a quiz! :smiley:


Is there any proof of that? That it can cause blindness?


Well what they’re talking about is not science. I haven’t seen any physiological data and stats. Nothing academic. Flushing out bacteria, well if that’s true I am not familiar with any (I guess female) fluids there referring too that would be antiseptic. Much less antibiotic in nature. The fluid around our eyes I am sure helps put down pathogenic bacteria. If things there are antiseptic, they’ll do as they need too. Sex or not.


Yeah. It’s a wonder it doesn’t say use condoms.


Right I was looking at sex vs no sex. Not really is the sex was licit or not. I am a man who lives with my cat and I stay away from women. I don’t like arguing and younger women aren’t interested and women my age are taken. I haven’t been introduced to someone of the faith that believes like me. But I am interested in anatomy and physiology here. As far as bacteria. I don’t think having sex or not would show an impact. IMO


Okay, I’ll try to be succinct here while answering the points brought up by this enlightening article ;D (gosh, haven’t used sarcasm in a long time). In fact, as I finished reading, it sounded more like they were just pandering to those who are already addicted, but needed confirmation to keep on doing it. It was badly written, and there is a Trojan virus on that page.

Masturbation prevents cervical infections (Cervicitis) and Urinary Tract Infections (UTI)

Ehh… no. While the production of mucus is, indeed, related with a healthy vagina, women in their fertile years will naturally produce mucus, specially during their fertile days, without needing stimulus. (this ‘mucus production’ was the article’s -]excuse/-] explanation for how this prevention occurs)

Cervical infections are not common ailments on healthy women. Most cervicitis, in fact, are related with STDs, which are not the sort of disease someone gets from masturbation alone. Other causes of cervicitis would be infection (usually around the vulva, anus or urethra), to which you’d have to be producing a lot of mucus to avoid spreading it. (not to mention, that masturbation MIGHT be what moves the infection from vulva into the vagina)

Masturbation Prevents Prostate Cancer

The explanation was that, with ejaculation, a man would ‘eject cancer causing agents’. This… makes really no sense to me, but I’ll get to that.

Studies have shown some relation between ejaculation and prostate cancer, but with a different conclusion from this article. It was found that, in younger men (their early 20-30), frequent masturbation (2 to 7 times - or more - a week) increased the risk of prostate cancer by the time they reached age 60. As 3DOCTORS said, correlation does not equal causation. This correlation might be due to hormonal levels: higher levels of testosterone would have a more pronounced effect on a man’s reproductive organs (higher risk of developing cancer); at the same time, higher levels of testosterone are directly related to a higher sexual drive and libido (which would make a man more likely to ejaculate, either by sex, masturbation or nocturnal emission).

So, in conclusion, its not the frequency itself, but what causes it. While a boy in his 20s would only engage in so much masturbation due to some hormonal imbalance (such as too much testosterone, or other causes like depression), a healthy male with a wife might do so because they are trying for a baby, or because they both enjoy one another, so he wouldn’t be at increased risk of prostate cancer.

As to helping eject ‘cancer causing agents’, my question is: what agents? The only substances that get around there (other than hormones and blood) are seminal fluids + sperm and urine. How would more seminal fluids, sperm and urine help clean that? Why doesn’t anyone recommend peeing as prevention as well? I know I may sound petulant to the medical society here, but this still sound silly as a theory for prostate cancer cause.

Masturbation Reduces Tension/Stress

Well, yeah. Just as a person orgasms (and during sexual stimulation overall), the body is suddenly filled with neurohormones that cause muscle relaxation and lightheaded-ness (reduced activity in the cerebral cortex). So, you relax and think of nothing for a while. Yay!

Problem of this is, like much in our lives, masturbation is not going to solve any of your problems. So, as soon as you finish feeling good from the orgasm, you not only remember everything that was causing you tension, you’ll add “wasting time masturbating” to the list.

Masturbation Reduces Insomnia

Ehh. No. Again.

You’ll feel relaxed, and tired, and it might help you to sleep. The thing is, if you can sleep soundly all night at all, then you don’t really suffer from insomnia. You might be having some acute insomnia, caused by something that is going in your life at the moment, to which any other exercise (or reading a boring lecture in bed) would help as much as masturbation in putting you to sleep. Differently, someone with chronic insomnia would soon wake up, and resume their lives as insomniacs.

Increases Pelvic Strength

The excuse was that, during orgasm, the contractions of muscles count as exercise. Cute.

As true as this might be, as someone who has to make actual exercises for pelvic muscles (I have a mild case of urinary incontinence), unless you actually masturbate 12 times a day or something, the contractions from orgasm are NOT enough to increase pelvic strength, not even to maintain it (those are not muscles that go flaccid for no reason).

Prevents Depression

Ohh, the lies. People tending towards depression will, in fact, find themselves even more aggravated after masturbation. Specially those who are single, there is nothing that makes you happier than to remember you have no one to be with in that moment. (I know, I’ve been there)

While orgasm DOES release endorphins on the bloodstream, that makes for only a very small moment of ‘elation’. Note, I didn’t say ‘happiness’. You may feel a bit better for a few minutes, but it is not enough to make you get your life back on tracks and avoid getting depressed. To not be depressed you’d need those endorphin on normal or high levels ALL THE TIME, but if something is preventing normal levels of endorphin, it is not a 4 seconds endorphin rush that is going to fix it.


Reduced Blood Pressure (BP)

Err, no? I’ll have to look up some researches on this, but at least DURING sexual stimulation your heart rate increases, which in turn increases your blood pressure. The afterwards of orgasm might reduce a bit of the BP in the same way that being calm does, but I really doubt there is any significant effect on BP levels in the day-to-day life.

Reduces Pain

Muscle relaxation = less muscle pain. Again, temporary.

Increased Self-esteem

The lie of the century. Most who do masturbate a lot are too ashamed to admit it; those who do admit it to the World, are usually seeking approval from others. Neither case is an example of “high self-esteem”. :shrug:

Old myths: blindness, insanity, infertility and 'sexual organs fall off’

Blindness - used to be ‘blurry vision’; might be related with the lack of sun and outdoor time one gets, by staying inside with themselves all day. Now it is associated with too much online gaming, book reading indoors, and social media addiction.

Insanity - people with mental disorders are more likely to ignore social clues, and engage in self-stimulation in public. Anyway, just a myth.

Infertility - unless you rip something off, I don’t see how it would happen.

Sexual organs falling off - again, unless you rip it off someHOW, this is not going to happen.

Hope I helped clear it, but if you have any questions, please, do ask! :thumbsup:

In general, a healthy sexual life = a healthy person. But a healthy sexual life is much more than simply engaging on it often or all the time.

A married couple, who constantly supports each other during crisis (on their job, family, economic, etc), will find themselves healthy and happy. Happy people have more sex, and more sex means more orgasms. This is a logical way to see things. What some studies do, however, is look at it all backwards: “more orgasm make people happy, and happy people support each other. If more orgasm make people happy, then you’ll be happier with masturbation!”

By the way, avoid that page. As I said, there is a Trojan Horse virus lurking around there.


I actually missed Diabetes.

In this case, there is nothing that supports “masturbation = low risk of Diabetes”. I could explain the mechanisms that may cause Diabetes (both Mellitus 1 and 2), such as obesity etc etc, but there is no need.

What we have in these studies is the backwards thinking again. There is a correlation between “better health” and “low risk of chronic illnesses”, fact. If you decide, like this article decided, that “masturbation” = “better health”, then indeed, it also makes true that “masturbation” = “low risk of chronic illnesses”.

But, as it has been shown, there is no such a thing as “masturbation” = “better health”.

And, as 3DOCTORS cleverly pointed out, there are WAY better ways to improve your health. Masturbation is time consuming with little benefits, differently from a healthy sexual life with a loving and permanent partner, or plain old exercises, healthy food consumption, having good friends, job and a stable life.


Aside: Thanks to NovusFidem for warning about the Trojan on that webpage. It or another of some other sensationalist pseudo news site I clicked on lately may be where I picked up a fake security alert for Firefox thing. I need to run Malwarebytes to be sure I get rid of it.

We now return to our regularly scheduled programming… :popcorn:


Yes. But I don’t think this article and maybe any of its’ contents were written by the medical community. I might be wrong. Women do get UTIs and a doctor told me women get that more than men. :shrug: IDK on that one. Medicine to me is as much an art as science. And Pharmacology is theory. A lot of psychology to me is theory especially after politics gets involved. But like you I wonder "Where and what are the carcinogens?


The thing about the above. Seems to me that we might be too affected by outside things. The perfect life I don’t know if it exists. People do lose jobs. You can certainly make your life more unstable. A permanent partner. I would call that marriage myself. But anyway, there is one who knows us through his son. People IDK, there is “fear of man” or a need to be accepted. I believe the scriptures speak against that. IMHO :wink:


BTW that Malwarebytes you mentioned. I downloaded it and of course they want you to buy it. I am running XP x64 and it said there was nothing on my system.


I’ll see if I can get the free trial. I try not to visit dubious sites but this slipped through, apparently. I ran an Avast antivirus scan that came up clean, and there may be something I need to do through Mozilla Firefox. The fake screen has only come up a couple of times and I recognized it as something sketchy and closed out the browser right away.


No, that’s the thing. It doesn’t cause blindness! Science didn’t know what it was talking about then, and it doesn’t now. At least about some things. LOL

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