Sex is not the end all of existance


Sorry I'm just tired of all the sex related posts. There's more to life out there people!


Well I hear you, it is a common topic around here – but I think it’s unavoidable!

People want to know these things, and they don’t want to ask their priest! LOL


"When sex is good, it is 10% of a marriage, when it is bad, it is 90%"



Yes, it's true: sex is not the end **of all **existence - that's sort of the point of it, yes? :p ;)

Sex is life.


Everybody loves sex. :D Yes, it is somewhat difficult to talk to a priest about sex.


Sex is not the end of all existance, but it is the beginning of all mortal existance, and I for one think that’s pretty darned important and worth discussing. Husbands and wives should enjoy healthy sex lives with eachother. This (and the resulting children, of course) is the only gift that God has set aside especially for husband and wife, and that alone makes it pretty awesome and worthy of dicussion.

I have a suggestion. If you want to talk about something else, why not start a threat about it instead of starting a thread about how you don’t like how much the other threads talk about sex?


Of all people, Raquel Welch on the issue:


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Sorry I'm just tired of all the sex related posts. There's more to life out there people!


LOL I've been saying that for years. When you look at any contraception/NFP thread you would think that having to do without sex for a week or a month or (gasp!) even a year would inevitably result in insanity, divorce or simply wasting away. Maybe even all three. :D

I am here to tell you it isn't true! (happily married and been without for over three years now) No one could possible claim I am wasting away. I am partially insane but it's not due to sex deprivation. ;)

Seriouslly, it makes me very sad that so many people truly believe their marriages will fail if sex is, for whatever reason, not a part of the picture. Society has really done a number on how most people view marriage and it's not a good thing. :(


It isnt the be all end all to marriage. Marriage is so much more than sexual gratification, but it does take a toll on you. It has been three weeks and I am going crazy (4 more to go). I am not going to go insane or anything, but it is a nagging feeling. I’m sure when your older the urge is less and less.


You can’t feed the poor by having sex.
You can’t cure cancer by having sex.
You can’t bring world peace by having sex.
You can’t make your kids do better in school by having sex.

You’re not going to be getting an bonus points for heaven by the quantity/quality of your sex life but you can lose plenty by letting your soul be controlled by your body. Our bodies are not our masters, and even within the context of a marriage, no-one should let themselves become slave to their sexual desires.

Maybe if hollywood personalities like Lindsay Lohan and Brittney Spears would just have even more sex their lives would be so much better

More sex = more happiness is the lie the world tells. In reality more people are making themselves miserable by allowing themselves to be controlled by the desire for sex.


But then there are those of us who have not had sex with our spouses for years (in my case ever) and it has critically compromised our marriages. Marriage is not the whole of marriage, but it is integral.


As a new member, I must say the frequencyt of sex related threads, many of them rehashing the same thing over and over again, is way overboard. Many of them border on being improper. There are so many things that are important to discuss about our faith, family that are worthwhile. We catholics are accused of being obsessed with sex-related rules. Until coming to this forum, I always thought that was a ridiculous accusation. It obviously isn’t.
I think the moderators need to start putting an end to it all. Many more topics start with the word masturbation and I am likely out of here. It is rather creepy.


As others have said, dont open the thread if you dont want to discuss the topic mentioned. I am very tired of threads debating whether the TLM is superior. Threads questioning Vatican II are also annoying. I dont open those threads, saves me much grief and headache. This forum has a wealth of information on it and I wouldnt suggest leaving simply because you do not like certain topics. :smiley:


Agreed. We should neiether reject our spouse’s advances and requests for sex without a seriously good reason nor should we be slaves to our own carnal desires.

More sex = more happiness is truth in my marriage. Our relationship is not defined by and does not revolve around sex, but the more we come together in the embrace that God has choosen to gift us with the better we tend to be as husband and wife, as parents, and as servants to the Lord. We shopuld be thankful for this gift from God. Marital sex is good, it should be celebrated and celebrated often! Seperate occasionally for prayer, sure. Seperate for a time if you have serious reason to practice NFP, yes. Otherwise, make time to celebrate the marital act, it is not unimportant nor should it be seen as optional (provided at least one spousedesires a sexual relationship).

Obsesions are bad, but a healthy sexual appetite is not and it should not be painted as such.


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Sex is not the end all of existence


It is the beginning though! ;) :thumbsup:


[quote="Sierrah, post:1, topic:198011"]
Sorry I'm just tired of all the sex related posts. There's more to life out there people!


:clapping: :clapping: :clapping:

I totally agree.



[quote="micahmike, post:14, topic:198011"]

Obsesions are bad, but a healthy sexual appetite is not and it should not be painted as such.




Raquel Welch deplores this trend among middle-schoolers:

"The 13-year-old daughter of one such friend freely admitted to performing fellatio on several boys
at school on a regular basis. “Aw come on, Mom. It’s no big deal. Everyone is doing it,” she said."

So are adults talking about sex too much or not enough to their 13 year olds?
Hard to decide.


I agree that there are a lot of threads here about sex. I haven’t written to one before, but here goes.

First, I’m guessing that several people give their opinion who have never been married. They shouldn’t. Sex is for ‘married’ people, and if you’ve never celebrated sex (with a spouse), then you shouldn’t give an opinion.

Second, -for those of you (never married) that are put off by the number of threads, you also don’t have any idea about how much sex, or lack of, or problematic, is truly a major factor in making or breaking (or at least brusing) the relationship in a marriage. I respect that many (usually newly married) couples truly need good solid advice about sex in their relationship, - FROM THOSE THAT **CAN **GIVE ADVICE.

So yes, I think it’s a very important topic for ‘MARRIED’ people to discuss. Perhaps the moderators here should have a separate forum JUST for such topics.

But please, those of you that have no experience, -there are a LOT of forums for you here to find to complain.

Joseph, married 28 years, with “SOME” experience:thumbsup:



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