Sex is not the end all of existance




Perhaps it's best to simply ignore a post if you don't like the topic. I agree that some people here seem to be hung up on sex, I just ignore the posts.


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Perhaps it's best to simply ignore a post if you don't like the topic. I agree that some people here seem to be hung up on sex, I just ignore the posts.


I think it does get to be a bit much, but I mostly just roll my eyes and move on. My problem is not that I think some people on CAF are "sex-obsessed" but that the same questions are asked over and over and the same debate ensues.

Use the search function people! I'm sure if more folks did that then you'd have fewer repeats and the forum would appear a bit more balanced in terms of subject matter.


Sounds like good advice to me.


I agree. Sex is not the end of the world.

All the threads on broken marriages I have come across so far, the reasons always somewhat had to do with sex.


I agree entirely with this post.

Sex is what makes my husband and I more than just “roommates” or “pals.” It is the only thing that he and I do that we don’t do with other people.

Sex is intended to be a picture of Christ and His Church, therefore I think it’s pretty important.

Certainly a married couple can live without sex if there is an injury or illness, or when work keeps couples apart (e.g., military). But to accept a sexless marriage when there is no injury or illness or work separation is just not right. That marriage is broken and needs to be repaired. People who deny it need to do some serious re-thinking and praying. I think they need to listen to those of us who DO think that sex is important instead of continuing to live in denial. God made married couples to have sex and He made sex for married couples.


This was so well said. I was thinking some of the same things, but could never have expressed it so well. Thanks!:slight_smile:


It wouldn’t surprise me if she was a conservative. Bo Derrick is also known to be a ardent conservative nowdays. :D:D:eek: It’s true…I’m not kidding. :thumbsup:


I wasn’t inferring that sex was bad or even shameful just that it’s seems to be way too obsessed about. I guess it’s a product of our over sexed culture. :shrug::confused:


Ah Sierrah, do you see the irony in all this? You posted a thread about too many sex posts, and we now have another sex post heading quickly towards three pages.:rotfl:


And maybe the moderators should ban all priests and religious from posting on that particular forum, because they’ve never celebrated sex and thus have no place to give an opinion on it. :eek:

And if Pope Benedict decides to join this forum, please let His Holiness know that his opinions are not welcome on this thread :smiley:


So is money. So is experiencing good and wholesome activities together. So is raising children together and the challenges and joys that go along with that.

And so is praying together. So is our common life of worship. So is the spiritual reading we do, the Saints we read about, the Scriptures we are called to read on a daily basis, and the Catholic Faith that tells us about every aspect of our lives and everything about our world.

Sierrah has a good point - why when there is so much that goes into a marriage do we tend to be inordinately focused on that aspect over the others. Please notice the word “inordinate” to avoid misinterpreting - and look up the definition if there is any lack of clarity (because I can see already that this will happen without the proper caveat issued). This is the key word in that statement.


It is concerning to me that at Steubenville, an exceptionally large number of students (especially those who are big into Theology of the Body) will cite “Song of Songs” as their favourite book of the Bible. It makes me wonder if perhaps we Christians have been a bit too influenced by our sex-saturated society and tend toward the same exaltation of it that they do. Personally, a lot of other books of the Bible strike me more profoundly with the beauty and intensity of God’s love than Song of Songs, especially (but certainly not only, lest there be any misunderstanding) considering its obscure allegories and archaic concepts and cultural references. So why is it that the Bible’s “centerfold” (as Christopher West puts it), this explicitly-erotic book (please refer to the proper definition again - that of “eros” or “erotic” to avoid misunderstandings) is so many people’s favourites out of 73 incredible books?


Keep in mind, however, that God has designed us in such a way that as we age, sex becomes less and less frequent until it ceases completely. Yet, we are called to love our spouses more and more, until the day comes where we are ready to “consummate” our relationship with Our Lord in the “Wedding Banquet of the Lamb”.

In other words, sex is important, but only as a means to an end, and should give way as time goes on to the spiritual. It is God’s design.

This applies to other things too, such as our work. As time goes on, we work less and less, and we realize that the “real work” is the work of worship, of the “Sabbath rest”.


This sounds rather gnostic. And incorrect.

We do not “consummate” our relationship with the Lord in the Wedding Banquet of the Lamb. That’s not a Catholic teaching as far as I know. The Church is Christ’s Bride, not individual Christians.

There is nothing unspiritual about our bodies and sex. This is a common fallacy that Protestants, especially evangelicals teach. I know because I was evangelical Protestant for 47 years.

Although some elderly couples stop having sex, it’s not true of all elderly couples. Sex may not happen as frequently because of physical limitations, but it does happen. And I can personally attest that it happens a lot in middle age.

Same thing with work. Many elderly people work until they die. There is no reason to stop working if a person is physically or mentally able to work. There is no “Christian” obligation to stop working. In fact, the Bible says just the opposite.


Sex is the beginning of all human existence, not of all existence.

Sex is the beginning of human existence, but not the totality of it. It is a part of a whole. It is the beginning that leads and is ordered towards a particular end (heaven). Sometimes we make it out to be a larger part in the grand scheme of things than it really is.

That is why we look upon priests and religious with a certain sorrow because they cannot have a spouse or children or a sex life, when in reality, they are “richer” than we are. That is because we consider it a more significant “part” of the whole than it really is. Many Catholics think celibacy is great, but the feelings they experience inside (which they might not even be conscious of) can belie that. Instead of seeing a nun and saying, “wow, what a great call! I feel a yearning to have what she does” [which we all should because that is what all of us are called to for all eternity - celibates are “eschatological signs” of how life in heaven will be for all of us], we instead say to ourselves, “I am so glad that she devoted her life to God and to the Church like that, but I personally wouldn’t want to live that life and am glad I am married instead!”.

Sometimes we can also become a bit too “in love” with that one “part” of our lives as well, and it can become an obsession. Even for Christians. All things in their proper place - if God is calling us to spend 10 percent of our time on this forum on sex-related threads, we should not spend 20 percent. The amount will vary. But if you are spending 90-100 percent of your time on this forum on such threads, chances are you are focused too much on sex.


All I’m suggesting Mr Saint, is that if a married couple wants some advice about problems they may be having in the bedroom, I don’t think that it should be an un-married non-experienced person to give them that advice. Now I’m curious. How many years experience do you have in this matter?


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This was so well said. I was thinking some of the same things, but could never have expressed it so well. Thanks!:)


Thank YOU mommamaree. Nice to hear from someone who understands.:)


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"When sex is good, it is 10% of a marriage, when it is bad, it is 90%"


lol, that's a good one. :o

  1. “Sounds”, like “Looks”, can be deceiving. :wink:

  2. Sex is not spiritual per se. Animals have sex, but are not spiritual. However, among humans, sex can communicate grace (as can many other things in a marriage - though I want to refrain from saying other things will do it as profoundly as sex because I do not want to get sidetracked by red herrings). Marriage is a sacrament, after all.

  3. John 19:30: “It is consummated” (Douay-Rheims version). In heaven it is a “perpetual consummation”.

  4. There will always be exceptions to God’s designs [notice the choice of words].

X. Finally, I want to ask you a question: Why does God call some people to celibacy? What does the Church teach in this regard?

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