Sex Offenders' Homes to Be Marked With Pumpkin Symbol

that seems a bit naieve

in 3 years 11% rearested for sex offense and 57% for a violent offense
in 4 years 28% reconvicted of a sex offense and 43% of a violent offense

the facts are sadly clear. the sex offenders as a group are the most likely to reoffend. that is why they are monitored so closely. personally i think it borders on child endargement to knowingly send a kid to trick or treat at a sex offenders home.

Kids: Trick-or-treat!

Man: Nice costumes! What school do you go to? Do your parents work? Maybe you can come over after school and walk my puppy.

Kids: Anyschool elementary. Yes. OK.

But is this really a situation where sex offenders are going to be able to lure the children in?

Also, parents usually go over the guidelines for trick-or-treating for all houses, not just for the ones with the pumpkins.

well lets see.

-evening to night, darkness gives concealment
-kids to the door already
-parents anywhere from there to curb to absent
-luring in kids is what they do so experience

so no they may not all try, and those that do may not succeed, but they do have motive means and opurtinity. it seems like yes they would be able.

but in a spirit of trying to be chariatable towards the sex offenders hows this. they have commited sins, mostly REALLY bad ones to get on those lists. sending kids to their door would be like draging an alcoholic to a bar then holding him while he does a keg stand. by allowing any kids to go there you are providing an ocasion for sin for them. so if we really care about them shouldnt we help them by keeping all kids as far away from them as we can?

Although I agree with you on the pumpkin signs, I think you’re missing the fact that most parents, it seems, dump their kids these days.

Ever been to a mall on Friday? There are kids who haven’t reached puberty yet who hang out at the mall all day long.

Now, I thought statistically, an 11yo boy was the most at-risk category for abduction. I think it’s 13 for girls.

Guess who gets dumped by the parents? That exact age group.

This is just on my mind b/c my 13yo sister and 10yo brother have been arguing to go trick or treating w/ neighbor friends (unchaperoned). “But, Mom! Everyone is doing it, whine whine

Maybe some neighborhoods have younger children only, or better parents? Not so here. It’s a dog eat dog night for trick or treating.

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