Sex on Fridays?


At Mass about 10 to 15 years ago I remember a priest saying on Fridays during Lent we are not only to abstain from meat on Fridays, but married couples are to abstain from sex as well. I have always shared this practice with anyone who asks, but recently a friend wanted proof and I have yet to find anything in print. Does anyone know if this is true?

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In the Orthodox Church, married couples are expected to abstain from sex during fasting periods and on fast days (most Wednesdays and Fridays during the year). I don’t know if this is also followed by Byzantine Catholics.


Thanks for the reply, but I’m really hoping to find something in print that I would be able to refer to.

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Speaking of sex and lent, I gave up sex for lent last year. My wife, of 35 years, didn’t realize this until Easter. Go figure!


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Wow, this has definitely NOT come up in RCIA class…:eek:


I don’t think that you can find anything in print in Roman Catholic law.
This is just kind of the abstinence (as abstinence from sweets or alcohol) you can do it during Lent but it is not a obligation.


I think Fr. Serpa did an excellent job answering this for you!



How about abstaining from sex for the last 11 years? It really isn’t such a big deal,I guess. No babies when you are old. But it does make for a very dry relationship.


Of course it didn’t. Do you think they want to scare away all the potential converts? :wink:


Thanks all… Fr. Serpa did answer and post my question and so did my own priest. The answer for those concerned is no we as married couples do not abstain from sex on Fridays. I swear I heard this one a long time ago, but the priest who would have said it just told me I need a hearing aid… so apperently not. Thanks for responding.

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I think this is one of those traditional disciplines that is no longer binding. From listening to Orthodox discussions of this, I don’t think most Orthodox today follow it either.



When I was going through RCIA, someone (a Cradle-Catholic-friend) told me that we (my husband and me) should abstain from sex during the 1-hour fast before the Eucharist (obviously applies for weekday Masses - 30 to 40 minutes before Mass begins). Has anyone else heard of this? I’m thinking it’s probably not correct, either?


how long does it take you to get ready for Mass and drive there? gives new meaning to the term “quickie” especially if you also have to get several kiddies dressed and out the door.


it’s technically an hour before communion not mass and considering communion starts at about 30 minutes after the mass had started that gives you about 30 minutes to get to mass and if you’re like me you want to get there at least 5-10 minutes early now that leaves you with about 20 minutes travel time so if you plan on having a little excursion on the way to Mass it’s not that easy. Most people think it’s an hour before Mass itself, but if you actually look into it it states before communion itself it even states this on the Missals at the churches.

It’s probably the same thing that I thought with Friday’s… it says we are to abstain an hour before communion and like many when we hear abstain we think… well sex. Again in all honestly if it is true then it’s still not the easiest thing to do in the morning on your way out the door.


Hmmmm…well, I guess I had never thought of the logistics of it - just the idea that, 1 hour before Mass, we were to abstain. Fortunately my little kiddies are now big kiddos, who are not always easy to get out the door, but much easier at 15 and 16 than they were at 5 and 6. I was thinking of weekday Mass, which only lasts 30 minutes, so abstinence from food/drink begins about 30 minutes before the beginning of Mass, so it is actually 1 hour before partaking of the Eucharist. We live about 3 minutes from our Church - we are fortunate, I know. The issue has never really come up, however, because I take too long to get ready to go anyplace, anyway!


Darn! No more stopping at the Shady Inn on the way to church. :frowning:


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