Sex-Selective Abortions Happening on Wide Scale in United States: Population Research Institute

This is thought-provoking and interesting. Wonder if feminists have truly considered the irony of protecting abortion as a “right of women” but it threatens the very existence of their sisters, daughters, granddaughters, aunts, nieces, cousins. I realize that killing babies is killing babies and the sex of those innocents is not a consideration to anyone who is prolife because all abortion is evil, but the irony should not be missed.

If you watched the video, what evidence does Steve Mosher offer for his claim that sex-selective abortions are happening on a wide scale in the US?

Yes, I did watch the video. After Stever Mosher initially speaks, Joseph Powell, a PRI (Population Research Institute) Researcher, is then shown offering birth rate statistics. The disturbing stats apply to certain ethnic groups. They seem to have brought bias from their (or their parents, grandparents) countries of origin here to the United States. They are Americans, but apparently many still value girls less than boys, making the girls vulnerable to abortion.

In the general population, a ratio of 105 boys:100 girls are born and those numbers are constant, but that is not the case in certain ethnic American populations. The ratio has been seen to go between 117-150 boys:100 girls, which is a shift that does not happen naturally. It appears that Jospeh Powell and Steve Mosher both contend that abortion accounts for the shift.

Feminists worry about rights for women and discrimination so much. Seems reasonable to question why they appear to be unconcerned about these horrific crimes committed against baby girls.

SwizzleStick, thank you for explaining the video!

The numbers make sense, but, if I understand you, the sex-selection is only occurring in among certain ethnic/immigrant groups.

That sure as heck doesn’t make it any better. :confused: NO child should be killed because of their gender (or any other reason).

Of course not, but it does speak to total numbers. The Lifesite headline suggested that this was an across the board phenomenon.

I think there is good reason for hope that as these ethnic groups leave behind the values of the “old country”, they will be come less hostile to girl babies.

The medical community has been aware of this fact for many years.

In 1995, when I was expecting my daughter, I had an ultrasound at UC Davis Medical Center. I asked the genetic counselor to be told the sex of my baby. She said they could not tell me, because some people will use it for sex selection. I didn’t think fast enough to say “But, I am Catholic!” However, the ultrasound technician overheard me ask and while he was doing the ultrasound he said that he saw nothing between the legs and at this point they like to show off ;).

You’re welcome.

Yes, that is what I understand from the video, that sex-selective abortions are happening on a wide scale among certain ethnic groups of Americans. Killing girls has occurred in other countries for some time, but now it has apparently come here as well. Abortion gives “parents” the choice to kill before the girls are born, which only moves the evil act of murder to an earlier time in life.

Agreed, which is why my first post on this subject said in part:

Yes, I know; my reply was directed to Dale_M’s comments about gender abortion only happening in certain ethnic groups.

I realized that after I posted.:blush: I apologize. Somtimes I get overeager and post before I should. Then my mistake was even more obvious when Dale_M posted.

Anyway, at least it appears that we all agree that abortion is a great evil that happens far too frequently in far too many countries, whatever the cause may be (in this case bias against girls in some ethnic groups of Americans). I think we are all on the same page and in agreement that abortion should not happen at all, so I am caught up now.:slight_smile: :blush:

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