Sex Talks Draws A Passionate Crowd


At University of New Hampshire - and possibly other campuses



Why do you find this surprising or crazy? This is typical of the world we live in.

I’ll tell you something I found almost shocking. When I was in collage, in about the year 1974, the collage showed a movie in the University center, that became an infamous porn movie. The biggest shock was how many female students were there. They did something to the film that changed the colors of the actual sex scenes. But I didn’t think such a movie should have been shown at all. This is why I said this event you mentioned is typical of the world we made. But I agree that a collage shouldn’t have done the event you mentioned nor the movie mine did in 1974.


There was a time when people knew how to have an orgasm without attending a seminar. I’m curious as to what the rest of this “sexual health” month entailed.


At my undergraduate university, there’s an annual talk on female orgasm every September that draws about 400 women and about 40 men every year. They have more moral conventions too, but they try to let every position be represented, including the sex-positive people. I’m not actually opposed to the female orgasm one at my school (it’s done fairly classily and if a married couple went to it or a single person wishing to know for when they were married, I’d see no problem). But the UNH one seems like it was done much more lewdly, which is unfortunate.


One of the few things it seems our secular culture is solely concerned about.




Maria matre! :signofcross:



ere is the list of events


Sextober is a month of events/programs including various workshops, lectures, and events open to all UNH students… All of the month’s events are safe and inclusive to all members of our community! Sextober explores love, sex, intimacy and relationships by focusing on how sexuality is manifested, helping students to reconcile these issues in their own lives.

Event List –

October 1st, Tuesday- Partner Yoga 12:45p- 1:45p, Wildcat Den.
Grab a friend or your partner. Bring your own mat or borrow one! Hosted by Ruth Abelmann

October 2nd, Wednesday- WS Convocation: Feminist Leadership 6p-8p, Waysmeet
Come meet other feminist on campus and learn about some of the ways that you can be a feminist leader.

October 3rd, Thursday- SHARPP Clothesline Project – Thursday, October 3rd, 12:40p- 2p, MUB 302–
All members of the UNH community are invited to attend a t-shirt making workshop. No registration required. SHARPP provides all materials. We will also have a t-shirt display for your viewing at our workshops.
October 3rd, Thursday- “Orchestrating Orgasms”: MUB GSR 6:30p- 8:30p.
Sexologist and Sexuality Educator Megan Andelloux presents her lecture and workshop – Hosted by MUSO**

October 8th, Tuesday- Minute to Win It MUB 334 7p. Hosted by UNH VOX (Planned Parenthood)

October 9th, Wednesday- Everyone is Gay lecture in the MUB Strafford Room 7p.
Everyone Is Gay began as an advice website for all with an emphasis on LGBTQ youth. Through an integration of humor, honesty, and pictures of kittens on several social media outlets, Kristin and Dannielle found that they were able to support these youth while keeping them laughing. In 2011, Everyone Is Gay began visiting schools and community centers to reach a larger audience and to continue promoting a message of equality. Hosted by the MUB

October 10th, Thursday- Fierce and Fabulous Expo in the MUB Strafford Room 11a-2p
Explore your community. Make connections. Be inspired. Get involved. Learn about and visit with various women’s organizations and locally-owned women’s business from around the state. Free chair massages! Free raffle prizes! Free food! Free expressive arts tables! Great music….and so much more! Free and open to the unh community. Bring your friends! Sponsored by UNH Health Services and the Sexual Harassment and Rape Prevention Program (SHARPP)

October 15th, Tuesday- OMSA say what on sex! Common exam time Room TBA

October 16th, Wednesday- Lecture Series
Inner Beauty Monologues in the MUB Stafford Room 7p
Inner Beauty is a performance that examines the ways people from a wide cross-section of backgrounds think about, feel towards, and care for their physical selves. Using the principles of self exploration, revelation and outspokenness, the actors grapple with issues of body confidence, self-esteem, compulsive exercising, addiction, and disordered eating. Written and performed by UNH students/staff/faculty.

October 23rd, Wednesday- Makers Documentary MUB theater II 6p-8p
See how women have helped shape America over the last 50 years through one of the most sweeping social revolutions in US history, in pursuit of their rights to a full and fair share of political power, economic opportunity, and personal autonomy. Hosted by SHARPP and Women’s Studies.

October 28th, Monday- Sex and Pleasure for One- Masturbation for Women 4-5p MUB 302

October 30th, Wednesday- Documentary The Business of Being Born – Screening and Discussion 6p MUB theater II

October 31st, Thursday- Sexual Self Esteem 4-5p MUB 338/340

According to an article Megan Andelloux has spoken at 45 colleges.

There more workshops :eek:


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