Sex & Teens: Why Abstinence isn't working

This is the title to an article that a friend showed me today from the “O” magazine (Oprah). The article in question came out in the April 2008 issue of “O” and my friend came across it while in the waiting room at the doctor’s office.

You can read the entire article for yourself below.

She tore out the article and asked me what I thought of it as a Catholic and I told her that as a Catholic I thought that the article was irresponsible and skipped over the fact that even in using condoms you can still become infected with various STD’s from the infected skin in the surrounding areas of the genitals not covered by a latex condom. I proceeded to say that with the HPV virus for example, most people will not show any symptoms (ex. wart outbreaks) and that skin on skin contact can cause the virus to be spread to one’s sex partner.

I ended by saying that I would look for articles from the Catholic perspective concerning the so called “secular research” about abstinence programs not working :rolleyes: In the article it says I quote **“two-thirds of the comprehensive classes had a positive effect on at least one risk behavior; abstinence-only made almost no difference”. **

If anyone here can give me links to any articles or research dealing with abstinence programs from the Catholic perspective I would appreciate it. Thanks.

Wow…not one person knows of any links to articles on abstinence programs from the Catholic perspective? I guess I will have to go it alone in researching this I guess…oh well. :confused:

The Catholic perspective doesn’t mean abstinence-only education. That was a political strategy which was ill-conceived.

However, abstinence education is a vital part of sex education programs.

Not specifically Catholic, but interesting:

IRE found that in school/classroom-based settings, 44% of abstinence programs had improved rates of teen abstinence, while only 36% of CSE programs had improved some measure of condom use. No school-based CSE programs were found that increased consistent condom use for more than three months.

Many links about the debate, including contacts for more information:

Links to articles you can pay for (looks like some good stuff):

Parents Prefer Abstinence Education 2 to 1

Key Facts from the Survey
59% of parents said more funding should go to abstinence education; 22% said more should go to comprehensive sex education.
83% of parents think it is important for their child to wait until they are married to have sex.
78% of parents think sex education classes in public schools should place more emphasis on promoting abstinence than on condom and other contraceptive use.
93% of parents agree sex education should include a discussion about the limitations of condoms in preventing specific STDs.

All results derived from this Google search: catholic abstinence “sex education” research

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