Sex Week At Universities

Sorry for long post - move over vagina monologues and make way for sex week.

At University of Tennessee (which was canceled but is back)

Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church is located just down the street from UT’s campus, and during their services Sunday morning, they’re trying to be the best neighbors they can be.

They’re donating 100 percent of the money collected during the service to help fund Sex Week.

“This is really a faith in action thing for us. The efforts of students at UT to offer that kind of programming is vitally important, and we see it as part of our ministry to support that,” said Youth Religious Education Director Kim Mason, of TVUUC.

By the way, that “vital programming” includes a drag show, campus condom scavenger hunt, sexual poetry tutorial, transgender sexuality lecture, oral sex seminar, sex-themed trivia game, and a lunch hosted by Planned Parenthood called “Sex Ed That Just Can’t Wait.”

October 8-9 2013

At University of Maryland - October 15-18 2013

Ohio University last spring

as did university of Chicago

as did university of Pennsylvania

University of New Hampshire (October 2013)

(Sexologist Megan Andelloux spoke earlier in the month.)

October 23rd, Wednesday- Makers Documentary MUB theater II 6p-8p
See how women have helped shape America over the last 50 years through one of the most sweeping social revolutions in US history, in pursuit of their rights to a full and fair share of political power, economic opportunity, and personal autonomy. Hosted by SHARPP and Women’s Studies.

October 28th, Monday- Sex and Pleasure for One- Masturbation for Women 4-5p MUB 302
Washington University
(Bristol Palin was scheduled and then canceled)

Washington University in St. Louis (WUSTL) hosted an event in the school’s main chapel last week aimed at preparing students to pursue careers in pornography.

“Have you ever wondered how to get into the porn industry?” asked an online invite for the event. “Have you ever wanted to see your favorite performers in clothing?”

The event, entitled “A Night With the Stars: Life, Love, and Sex in the Workplace,” was held in the college’s Graham Chapel on Feb. 8. It included presentations from porn superstars Tori Black, James Deen, and Lance Hart.

University of Connecticut Sex Health

The University of Connecticut’s Health Education Office and its peer education group, the Sexperts, fundraised for a non-profit organization each year. For each dollar we had raised in the weeks before the event, we hoped to teach a safer sex skill to a University of Connecticut student. To do so, Health Education decided to host its 4th annual Condom-a-Thon during a Late Night event around World AIDS Day. Over 150 students participated by practicing a safer sex technique- how to put a condom on correctly or cut a condom into a dental dam- and they received an ice cream sundae in return

Many private universities have sex week. Brown University, RI has a sex week but also a nudity week September 30-October 3, 2013.

. It’s not an administration-sponsored event, although Wolinsky and Pacheco-Fores say they have been in communication with the university and have received the school’s support. The events this week include Nude Body Painting; Nude Yoga; Nudity in the Theater (which includes scenes from plays and explores how the meanings change when the actors aren’t wearing clothes); Nude Cabaret; Nude Open Mic Night; and a panel discussing nudity and how it relates to the “isms” such as power, race, class, gender, etc. All events are for Brown students only

Now there are so many of these I can’t list them all. I basically listed only a few of the universities that use taxpayers money. It costs about $20,000 for student activity.

Our tax dollars are at work paying for student activities or through federal dollars as many universities, both public and private, receive federal grants.

Ugh. Nausea.

Yes, we need to be informed about these things, but do we *really *have to have a thread about it on CAF? It’s revolting.

I noticed that on the Ohio University website about “sex week” they have an “anti-Valentine’s day party”. I don’t even want to know what that is.

This is from Planned Parenthood website. Sex week @ Universities is PP success story.
PP received $542 million federal dollars in 2012.
This year, 2013, the Obama administration, has given $655,000 in federal dollars to a few Planned Parenthood affiliates to hire Obamacare navigators.

Someone asked us:
Is promiscuity a bad thing?
Unfortunately some “promiscuous” women are judged in a negative way by society. But “promiscuous” men are more accepted in society, which is totally unfair.
Why do I keep putting “promiscuous” in quotes? Because there’s no standard definition of what it means. Some people might think that a person is promiscuous if he or she is involved with multiple sexual partners at the same time. Other people think a person is promiscuous if they have a certain number of partners over the course of a few years or longer. And for some people, promiscuity doesn’t necessarily mean having sex – to them, a person who goes on a lot of dates or makes out with a lot of people might be “promiscuous,” too.
So “promiscuity” is a word that can refer to a whole variety of different sexual behaviors. But in general, it’s a word that’s used to judge or shame people. And, again, it’s a term that’s most often directed at women.
Since the number of sexual partners you’ve had doesn’t say anything about your character, your morals, or your personality – or about anything at all really– there’s nothing bad or unhealthy about having a big number of sexual partners.
Some things that can be unhealthy include having sex before you’re ready, having sex to try to seem impressive or cool, having sex when you don’t want to, having sex with people you don’t like/trust/care about, and having sex without using protection – like condoms and birth control.
If none of those behaviors sound like you, and if you feel satisfied with and confident about your sexual decisions, you have nothing to worry about – even if someone calls you or your behavior “promiscuous.” And that’s also a good reason to hold off on judging or gossiping about other people’s sexual history, too.

When people complain that the Church is obsessed with sex, they’re kidding, right? Who is obsessed with sex? Not the Church.

“Mover over vagina monologue” :smiley:

Sounds like something the serpent from Eden would have said. The casual, nonchalant use of the word “protection” in the context of sex is pretty disturbing. If sex with whomever, whenever, however is such a supreme good to seek, why the need to “protect”? You usually protect yourself from something harmful, dangerous, the contradiction is striking. I see we need more sexologists to remind us constantly that nothing in sex is wrong but guilt and non consensual sex. The one-track thinking that is emerging in western societies is a cause for concern, I think. A sort of intellectual and moral fascism. As societies, we have the maturity of a rebellious teen who doesn’t want to be told what to do because he knows best.

Actually, that’s luckily not an immoral thing in and of itself. Anti-Valentine’s Day parties usually are for single people who want to celebrate being single, period. Yes, some people use it as a chance to hook up, but for most people, it’s used as a criticism of Valentine’s Day’s advertising’s effects on the self esteems of single people.

And now I’m ashamed to have gone to UTK.

Perhaps there are members of CAF who have high school aged children, planning to go to college. This would be vital information.
When our daughter was looking for a college, she/we did not even consider a state school. Lutheran colleges? Of course. Catholic colleges? Yep (she almost went to Belmont Abbey).

So, yes. I think it should be prominent here at CAF.


Ok, I didn’t know that. But it’s interesting how the secular culture promotes this but then insists that Catholic priests should be married.

Or as I call it: Singles Awareness Day.

I am not sure how the two are related. After all, there is nothing wrong with the opinion that married men should be ordained. It is a perfectly respectable opinion for a Catholic to have.

What I said was about secular culture views on the priesthood not what is the proper theological opinion of orthodox Catholics. When the secular media is giving their opinion about the question of married priests they say that priests should get married. And that relates to the subject of the way they celebrate “Anti-Valentines Day” because the celebration of such is supposed to send the message that it’s okay not to get married. I was pointing out the double standard.

I think he means that Ohio University and the secular media are two entirely separate entities and can’t be compared.

I tend to like Single Awareness Day, actually, because it helps put our cultural obsession over relationships into perspective.

University of Maryland…

Other offerings at UMD Sex Week include a talk by Tamara Pincus, a social worker who has found her niche in the sex therapy business. Her presentation, “Real Sex with Tamara Pincus,” “will be an open forum for students to ask questions about a variety of sexual topics. Ask your questions about oral sex, anal sex, vaginal sex, types of lube, BDSM, non-monogamy, how porn relates with sex in real life, how to manage sexual issues in long-term monogamous relationships, alcohol and drugs and how they affect sex, and how to love your body even during sex.”

Her website confirms she has a “special interest” in a wide range of sexual behaviors. “I have a special interest in supporting individuals through issues related to sexual exploration, sexual functioning, sexual identity and gender identity. Clients who are in polyamorous, swinger and/or kink relationships are welcome. I am in the process of getting certified as a sex therapist and appreciate the opportunity to address issues such as lack of sexual desire, difficulty with orgasm, and sexual functioning problems.” Surely, this is why we sent our teens off to college—to be schooled by an equal opportunity social worker turned sex therapist.

And for the religiously inclined, there will be “With Groanings that Cannot Be Uttered: Can Sex Be a Spiritual Practice?” presented by Rev. Otis Gaddis III, who can be reached at his UMD e-mail address This presentation, sponsored by the Episcopal Campus Ministry, is a “1.5 hour spiritual conversation [that] explores in what ways . . . sex and sexuality open[s] doors for our mystical and personal relationship with God and how ancient spiritual practices involving meditation and contemplation help us deepen the fullness of our sexual experiences. This is a practical conversation about integrating our spirituality and sexuality.”

For those students who are feeling radical or looking to lose that good girl persona, there is a presentation by ***** REP (***** Radically Eradicating Patriarchy).

Sex with oneself can be a mystical experience.:rolleyes:

Saw this on American Life League

Most parent believe it is someone else’s daughter or look the other way but there seems to be a promotion of these kinds of seminars by feminists’ groups.

There is hope:

The Love and Fidelity Network - alive and well on many of the same campuses you listed that are hosting the sex weeks.


I noticed that some of the campuses are catholic schools.:extrahappy: Now if this would just spread all over especially to the state universities.


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