Sex will soon be just for fun not babies, says father of the Pill


Yeah, along with the general consensus among us guys that “sharp cutting near testicles equals PAIN” we really would not want to do that. Besides, a benefit of our oversexed culture is the importance of male virility and doing anything to negate it in ANY way is looked at by guys as essentially “becoming less of a man.”

It doesn’t justify the overseeing of our culture but it at least it’s something that would keep us from becoming completely sexually inorganic. It shouldn’t be banked on either though.


If this is where we are headed, humanity will go extinct. In theory, people will have sex merely for pleasure and then rear children (which is hard work). When you take the sacrificial giving aspect out of the sexual act, the sacrificial giving aspect of everything else will soon follow into non-existence - including the rearing the next generation of humanity.

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