okay i actually went out and asked abunch of people in the mall i live near about there opinions on sex. and some said it was dirty and wanted to scold me for even asking such a thing, others who are obviously christians said that it is very wrong to have sex.

But there were a handfull who said something along the lines of “sex is pleasurable and is a gift from God, but just dont abuse it”

whats your opinion?


curious, why would you go out and ask that type of thing publcly? that is quite strange to me:confused: the act is between 2 people who are married, and it is from God. it is to be between a man and his wife.


i was at the mall already, i was shopping for my friend’s birthday…and honestly i love opinions, because no two are the same


its great to have an opinion, but it just struck me as rather odd that you’d ask it from people you do not know. its not something that is done regularly. i just wondered why anyone would ask it publicly? now i know.


I have no answer, but when reading this i got serious deja’vu. Red lights everywhere. What are you dabbling in reborn!? Tim


Why obviously Christians?

But there were a handfull who said something along the lines of “sex is pleasurable and is a gift from God, but just dont abuse it”

whats your opinion?

Sexuality is undoubtedly a gift from God and something fantastic and wonderful. It also allows us to share in the creators work and so holds massive responsibility and huge consequences for misuse.

You don’t have to be religious to see that! :slight_smile:


how do you get deja’vu when reading this? and im not trying to dabble into anything…in almost all of my posts i have a final question for people. which is where i ask people there opinion


I don’t know, but when clicking on this I anticipated the question and reponse Marilena gave. Like btdt. Tim


My opinion is you need to find something else to do than ask strangers about sex!


since you ask my opinion, if someone approached me at the mall and started asking about sex I would dial 911 and report them.


okay, maybe i should of said it was just a question i claimed i was doing for a school project. and some just walked away when i asked the question about sex…i only got about a 2-5 ratio on people who i asked that question


Around here we call that “lying”.


i know, but would you rather hear someone say “what do you think about sex” right off the bat, or “excuse me im doing a school project and i was wondeing if i could ask you some questions”


Why not leave off the word “school” and have the benefits without the lie?


i didn’t really have time to come up with a plan, it came out on insctenct


Instead of identifying opinions why don’t you try and find the truth?


and what exactly is the truth?


Good question. When you find that answer you will know the answer to your OP.


oh, i thought there was gonna be an actuall quote or something about the truth on this subject,

and what is OP??


In college we had to do alot of projects and experiments like this for my Interpersonal Communication class. Reborn is right, you are more likely to get an honest answer by saying you are working on a School Project then if you were just curious.

Reborn- I suggest that next time, you say you are working on a project instead of a “school project” .

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