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Hello, my name is Epistemes, and I’m a sex addict.

Does that frighten you? I hope that it doesn’t because I, like my brothers and sisters who struggle with others addictions, such alcohol and narcotics, have admitted my problem and am hoping and praying for recovery.

Being a sex addict, and attending Sexaholics Anonymous meetings, is a huge stigma in today’s society. It’s almost generally more acceptable for people to be recovering alcoholics or drug-users than sex addicts since people tend to draw the worst conclusions about people who suffer and are recovering from this addiction, such as “child molester” or “rapist.” This affects the suffering soul very deeply since a person who is receiving help and undergoing recovery is already ashamed of the position that his/her actions have place him/her in. The hardest step in seeking therapy is admitting “Yes, I have a problem” and enduring the burden and stigma of that realization.

Yes, there are addicts who do/have molested children, but they want to stop. They feel so much pain for what they’ve done. Yes, there are addicts who have raped or thought about it, but they too have come forward and repented.

We’re human just like you, and like other people, we lack integration which is the root of our sins and misbehaviors. Attending SA is our attempt to find integration, and we only want to feel loved and accepted in spite of all the wrong we’ve done and hurt we’ve caused. We want to love like other people, having hit rock bottom due to lust. It’s a difficult journey, though, because every person we meet involves some element of our sexuality, a sexuality which has, for the longest time, been misused and corrupted. Like a slow drip on a stone, there’s been a great deal of erosion, but we’re now working to patch and seal the cracks.

Please keep all sex addicts in your prayers, especially those who suffer but are unwilling to seek help or do not know where to go for help.


Good for you! I have heard that SA can also be useful in helping people fight porn addiction; is that true, and would you recommend it? :blessyou:


Praying for you, Epistemes, to overcome the addiction and find peace.


Keep up with your journey and the meetings my dear brother. Jesus DO love you with all your struggles and sins. He will always be there for you no matter how many times you seem to fail.

Ask for the intercession of Our Lady so you can obtaing Grace from Our Lord. He is the only one who can make you whole and not going back.

You are part of the Catholic Church, and we love you and pray for you and all our brothers and sisters.

May God bless you,


I think it is so brave of you to come foward and admit AND seek treatment the way you are. A job well done! Keep praying, and know that we are praying for you, and Jesus loves when his lost sheep repent…remeber the prodigal son?? I fight with my own struggles involving sex ( waiting for my marriage to be annuled and sometime slip up and have intercourse with my civillian husband ) and someone posted yesterday : pray to St Joseph, he knows all about chasity, that brought me comfort, I hope that helps you! I’ll be praying for you! :thumbsup:

In Christ,


I agree that you are brave, admitting that you have a problem. We are all here praying for you!


Praying that you continue to fight the good fight against this temptation. We all struggle with various sins, and as long as we cling to Christ, we can get through them. Thanks for sharing, and again, keeping you and others who struggle with sexual addiction, in my prayers. :gopray:



This took alot of guts to write. God bless you.

For all addicts-God Bless and we’ll keep praying.


Good for you, Epistemes, for coming forward and declaring your sincere repentence.

On the one hand, you have people who are frightened of you because they think “rapist” or “molester,” but on the other hand, there are plenty in secular society who think that you’re bad for claiming a “problem” they see as a good thing - those who put self-pleasure and sex ahead of the good of other people and the desire to do what’s right for the Lord. Sex addicts (I’m a mastrubation addict myself) keep getting signals that we’re perfectly fine, when we know we’re not, and are taunted by our friends who want us to give in to our temptations instead of trying to do what pleases the Lord.

Epistemes, I admire you for coming forward and for reminding everyone that sex addicts need our prayers and strenght, not belittlement or mockery. God bless you.


Praying for you, Epistemes, to overcome the addiction and find peacehttp://www.*********.com/img/4713/n09x0302vnsn/clear.gif


Amen to all the other posters so far. Epistemes - God created sex, and he wants to help you overcome your issues so that one day you can have a healthy attitude towards it. It may see like a hard, long road from here but with God all things are possible. Never be ashamed when you are seeking help, only God can judge what is in your heart.
I will be keeping you and all those struggling with this in my prayers.


It seems as though you may be alluding to having committed a sexual crime. If this is the case i pray you seek repentance in your actions by abiding by the law… And admitting & apologizing to those involved.

If this is not the case please disregard.

Praying for your healing from this addiction…
That Satin’s stronghold would be lifted from you by the power of the Holy Spirit living in you… And that you would be granted renewed strength to walk in His light.

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