Sexual Abstinence

Hi, I am giving a speech on Sexual Abstinence, and I’m looking for some supporting arguments for it’s benefits. Why should the youth be sexually abstinent?

Ultimately, the focus needs to be on contraception since that is the great enabler of impurity in our society today. Without contraception, abstinence just becomes a logical thing!

Here are some thoughts that you might want to consider:

God devoted two whole commandments to the sexual sins because they are so vitally important.

Pleasure is a legitimate aspect of the marital rite between a man and a woman, but that’s not all there is to sex. Clearly, sex isn’t only about the pleasure otherwise God would have just given us “pleasure buttons” to push instead of giving us these highly specialized organs. Each sexual act must be accompanied by an openness to the possibility of new life and it must occur in a relationship where both parties are prepared for the responsibilities that will be bestowed on them when new life does occur (aka. “in sickness and in health, and until death do us part”).

Out of all the gifts that God has given us, our greatest gift by far is our ability to participate in the creation of new life. It is quite literally God’s creative powers being given to us as human beings. Like they said in the Spiderman movie, though, with great power comes great responsibility. And when a great power is abused, there are catastrophic consequences. Imagine how bad it would be if we were to take this incomprehensibly great gift and abuse it for the purpose our own selfish pleasure?

Contraception and its associated evils (pornography, masturbation, pre-marital sex, homosexual activity, abortion, adultery, etc…) have laid waste to our civilization. Over 50% of marriages now end in divorce, 40% of babies are being killed in the one place where they should be safe from the evils of the world, and 40% of the remaining children are now being born into households where no father is present. If these are not “catastrophic” consequences then I do not know what would be.

I hope this helps. :slight_smile:

Here are some articles supporting the statistics mentioned in my above post:

Why should youth be sexually abstinent? Because biology tells us that the sexual act is directly related to reproduction/procreation, and new human beings should have the right to be born into a stable family of a mother and father, committed to one another no matter what.

(Depending on your audience, a religious explanation may not carry weight, so the scientific and biological reasoning might be more persuasive.)

Abstinence is a way of showing respect for yourself when dating. It tells others that you have standards. A lot of people won’t like these standards and they won’t appreciate you for it. That’s GREAT. If your standards are too low then any old person will be “good enough”. No one wants to fall in love with “good enough”.

Abstinence is a way of weeding out the losers in your love life. The person worth marrying is the person that is willing to wait for you. Most people won’t do this, so looking for a person that will wait for you is a sign that they actually love the person you are, not the body you can give them. A LOT of people will say all the right things, buy all the right gifts, and tell you what you want to hear just because they know they can get sex if they say it. You want to find someone that is willing to marry you even though they have no idea what sex with you will be like, because marriage isn’t all about your body. Your body changes, it doesn’t usually get better. :slight_smile: You need a person that is in love enough to spend the rest of their life with YOU, and to know this with as much certainty as possible they need to know the person you are without the distraction of your body.

Also, keep in mind that of all the people you date, only one will marry you, combine their bank accounts with you, live with you and all your bad habits, raise kids with you, take care of you even when you are cranky and annoying, etc. That person deserves a level of a relationship that is different than what you gave the person that took you out to dinner, or even just gave you some nice jewelry.

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