Sexual abuse by teachers and other clergy

I’m involved in a discussion on the sexual abuse of minors, and of course, the priests are being attacked viciously.
I’m having trouble nailing down statistics on abuse of children by teachers and/or Protestant clergy; I guess I’m not putting the right criteria into the search engine.

My understanding is that there is far more abuse by teachers and other clergy, but for whatever reason the MSM love to concentrate their reporting on the Catholics.

Can anyone help me find stats on abuse that shows that, indeed, the stats are worse for other groups?


Here’s one to get you started:

It’s not brand new but the rates for Catholic clergy have continued to go down since 2004 so the discrepancy would be even greater today.

While not directly on topic in terms of statistics, this article has some disturbing information on the actions of school districts and adminstrators to move sexually abusive teachers around and help them find new jobs.

Here’s an interesting story. Although the link is to an advocacy group’s site, the article if from the NY Times. The estimate for teachers’ sexual abuse is that 15% of children in public schools will experience abuse by a teacher or school employee. :eek:

Now as for other clergy, here’s a well-documented article. It is from a Catholic source, but the references are all mainstream/secular.

I suspect that is highly exaggerated.

Did you read the whole article? The author, writing for the NYT, admits it is an estimate extrapolated from varied sources. So, it could be high or it could be low. (scray thought) It can’t be any worse than the numbers used for Catholic priests which use statistics that are fudged to show that every Catholic priest who was in ministry in the last 75 years (including dead ones) is part of a percentage based on the current number of priests and every accusation is equal to guilt. :wink:

Here are some links:

The ongoing sexual exploitation of children in the public school system dwarfs the “Catholic” issue to the point where there is no comparison in the two.

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