Sexual Arousal and Drawing/Art

I enjoy drawing and artwork, casually. The only issue is, when I draw women (or men!) I can get aroused by it. I don’t want this to happen, I am firm about trying to resist temptation at all costs (though I may fail :(). I detest the arousal itself, and I am not lead to go any farther by "acting on it (let’s just say). If I continue to be aroused, is it sinful to keep drawing? If so, is it okay to return later and continue drawing? What if I notice I no longer become as aroused? This is a weighty question, so thank you for answering; I struggle with lust…:blush:

Do you have a deviantart? If not, could you link me to some of your art…I’m just curious… :wink:

No I don’t, though that is interesting. I am only doing paper and pencil/pen right now :).

I guess what I wanted to know is what kind of art exactly are you drawing, what does it look like, what is the style? Perhaps you could scan a sheet and upload and image…or you could explain. Either way it would help. :slight_smile:

You say you struggle with lust.
Why would you make that struggle more difficult by putting yourself in the way of temptation?

I do manga/anime influenced drawing (not good), but where it gets me is drawing the hips of a girl. That gets me every time. Should I avoid drawing until it’s no being deal? I do get aroused less nowadays from it. The sad thing is, I really enjoy it (drawing, not arousal).:frowning:

How old are you, if you don’t mind my asking?

Use prudence in all things. Do not do things that puts your mind in the hands of the devil. Our thoughts must always be guarded since sin begins by dwelling on evil thoughts in our minds. Once we put ourselves in an occasion where we easily fall into evil thoughts or actions, then we are not being prudent. One could say that they enjoy going to the beach for a swim, but if every time they go they fall into sin after seeing women dressed in almost no clothing, then one would be acting against spiritual prudence to keep going to the beach. Do not put yourself in near occasions of sin. It would be prudent to draw something else.

Avoid occasions of sin.

What kind of drawings are you making?

God bless you!

You know, not all manga/anime drawings are of girls. Manga artists draw everything under the sun, including amazingly detailed landscapes, still lifes, animals, monsters, robots, aliens, starships… heck, even men and boys and old ladies.

So you can draw other stuff besides girls. Why not broaden your portfolio? You don’t learn to draw from doing just one subject.

And if you do need to draw girls, and you know it’s the hips that set you off, why not just stop drawing girls below the waist for a while? Sheesh, do closeups. Put 'em behind desks. Draw them climbing out of holes in the ground.

Be creative. Laugh at yourself. Don’t make a big deal about it. Don’t kick yourself so hard that you do nothing but think about it. Just avoid what is causing you a problem. When you are more mature, you can always go back and draw girls with hips.

So basically, climb out of your rut. Have fun and do good art! You will feel better for it.

It seems to me you know the answer to the question already.

What I gather from all these replies is that art in itself in NOT wrong at all, neither is my intention, it’s just that, when I play with sin or put myself in a “risk” scenario, I sin. I will try to get better at BOTH drawing and not playing with sin, both, I’m sure, will strengthen my faith. :slight_smile:

Well, in case these were erotic drawings that would be a problem. So is possible for the drawings to be problematic in themselves.

God bless you!

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