sexual arousal

So sexual arousal is a grave matter is it? When you look at some of these women and how they dress I don’t know how to handle it.

Being attracted to a woman is not grave matter. It is what God programmed your body to do. It is when you separate the woman’s image from who she is that is a sin.

For example, a cute girl walks down the street and you think she looks good. Great! You’re supposed to think she looks great. But if you think to yourself, “I wanna F— her!” You’ve committed a sin. Why would you want to take your pleasure from someone who you do not love and have no intention of taking care of during the marital bond? I’m talking about dedication to the person.

You’re a healthy young man and therefore it is ok to be attracted to women. Just think about Adam’s response when he first saw Eve.

Here’s how you handle it. A fine girl walks by. Look at her eyes. Think about how much God loves her to give her such beauty. Say a little prayer that she will one day find the man of her dreams. And if you think that you’re the man of her dreams, go ask her out and find out!

Clarification: Having the latter thought is not sinful in itself, say, if it were to pop into your head at the time. The sinful part is what you do with that thought afterwards. If you dismiss it right away, then no problem. However, if you start ruminating on it, that is sinful.

Sam, the Neon Orange Knight

Definite agree.

simple. you look away and don’t entertain any thoughts. you may admire her beauty but don’t tread in dangerous waters. pray fervently. st francis rolled in snow without clothes on (obviously to experience more pain) until his sexual temptations went away. you do the same. Better to lose your hand than for your whole person to be thrown into the pit of hell


Hello I was wondering what the church standing is on puberty/sexual arousal. As you know when young men go through puberty they are turned on by many things. Most boys will lead to the path of masturbation and pornography… I myself have not done either. But, sometimes when I build up with sexual arousal I will look at modest pictures of models who are clothed. I look at them and think about how hot they are but i never act on that thought. I am just wondering if looking at attractive women is wrong or if it is fine as long as you don’t lust and act on your thought. Thanks and God bless!

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