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I am sorry to keep dwelling on this topic. I have a question. Do men and women who are celibate or who are planning on living a permanently celibate life (priest, nun, consecrated virgins, generous single life) loose their sexual desire as they accept the fact that they are not called to marriage?

After 1-2 weeks of abstinence the body tends to lose its natural impulse for sex. Beyond this, the issue becomes mental or spiritual. I am of course speaking of the adult nature; teenagers and young people may have much more difficulty, especially in this culture.

When one sheds their sexual life, what remains is both spiritual and intellectual life. Now, there is enough research and contemplation to fill anyone’s life, much less anyone who has dedicated their life to such things alongside prayer and communal labor. If sex is on your mind, remember to consider it alongside its consequences of raising a family. Both vocations are equally heroic if genuinely approached. Life is easy when we are children.

I have been celibate, chaste and continent for more than ten years- am neither priest nor religious. No the desire does not go away. It is still a struggle-- but it gets easier the longer you pursue the virtuous life.

Also, if disordered, sexual desires went away with regular marital intimacy, there would be not adultery. Ask yourself, “Why is there adultery?” Follow your thinking to a logical conclusion.

Ask the Holy Spirit to send the fire of his love into your innermost being. We have a grace filled week ahead of us. Accept the struggle and graces.

Posted on Palm Sunday vigil.

discernmentinpr asked** : “Do men and women who are … planning on living a permanently celibate life (priest, nun, consecrated virgins, generous single life) lose their sexual desire as they accept the fact that they are not called to marriage?”**

Yeah, about as much as people who are NOT Celibate.

But, what you DO with desire is the important thing.
Energy … is Energy.
Sexual Desire is Energy … and that Energy can be “transformed” into EXTRA Love for God, or Compassion for a hard-to-Like person, or any other Positive Form that a person wants it to be.

This Changing-Energy thing is what we ALL do in certain parts of our Life.
If I get Anxious about something, I can re-Direct that Energy into reciting my Rosary.
This will make that Rosary extra Powerful (and Necessary to recite).
This is how a teenager can take his Hormonal Stimulation, and turn it into 8 GREAT hours of Football practice.
Or, how a Nun can reach ever-Deeper levels of Contemplation.
Energy . . . it’s a Good Thing.

not a sister or priest but I as a woman find that after about a month of abstinence I lose my desire for any sexual contact I spend at least 4 months a year away from my husband so I am getting used to this happening I actually find that without sexuality to deal with my prayer life is much more productive actually I’m a much more productive person all in all. Sorry I couldnt’ give advice just stating what happens to me when I have to abstinent

No, they do not. I think it depends a lot on the individual, though, how strong these feelings would be.

I would like to know where you get your information because I can honestly say that this is not the case for me.

Celibacy is not a case of achieving it and then being done; it is a constant struggle.

I think what needs to be remembered here is that all people are different. For some people celibacy is just something that comes natural to them. Some people decide they’re going to live a celibate life, and they never really dwell on the idea of sex again, because it is not relevant to them anymore.

From what I’ve heard for women it gets less strong as time goes on. For men, on the other hand, it goes the other way. Well, at least we don’t have to give birth. :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a good question, I’ve wondered it too. I think Ambien is right, it’s harder in this culture we live in. I find that we are constantly getting tested, do you feel this too? With prayer, many rosaries and avoiding spending time with the wrong people, I know it is possible.

I agree. That’s not my experience, either. Yes, it’s a tremendous sacrifice that needs to be worked on daily.

It’s still there. I know a few monks, and asked them if it gets easier. “Easier, yes, but I am a man made of flesh.”

Don’t fool yourself that closing yourself from worldly temptations inside a cloister will take away all sin. It’s then that you’ll truly find the source of those worldly temptations, and the struggle will be until the last day.

It depends on the individual.

For me, this is not the case. I feel like I am already having purgatory here on earth.

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