Sexual Jokes a mortal sin?


So today in class, a friend and I kept passing back a piece of paper where we were making sexual jokes. They had to do with oral sex and we kept making fun of each other and saying things about each other. Eventually, other people at my table started to get involved. They all know that I’m devoted Catholic and I finally ended it by saying that my friend is a nice person. I’m just wondering if this is a mortal sin and if I need to confess it ASAP because the Tridium is coming up and I want to be able to receive communion… my last chance for confession is tomorrow night. I know what makes up a mortal sin and just really need some help. Thanks!


It very well could be. Especially if you thought it might be wrong while you were doing it. Go to confession and tell the priest what you just told us. He will let you know if all conditions were met for mortal sin. But this is certainly grave matter. So the possibility for serious sin is there.

There will be no confessions on Holy Saturday anywhere, so you might have to do a web search or call around to see if any parishes still have confession yet this week. You may need to wait a week though if you can’t find confession this week.


Are you really certain of this?


Pretty sure. Here we have a young single person telling graphic sexual jokes to their peers for entertainment and pleasure. This isn’t between a married couple (that would be ok, if it was about the couple themselves and in private.)

I’m not saying they definitely committed a mortal sin, but that this is definitely grave matter. The OP would need to discuss with their confessor to determine whether or not all conditions were met for mortal sin.


Thank you so much for answering. I know for a fact that there are confessions at my parish tomorrow night. We weren’t technically telling jokes; I wasn’t specific enough. This actually seems worse - we were drawing stick people pictures and were trying to jokingly insult each other through this. I do agree with the fact that I should go to confession. I just want to be able to partake of the Eucharist (especially at Easter!) and don’t want to go to Confession when it would be better if someone else went (they hadn’t been if years, had mortal sin on soul, ect.) This is kind of like my thought process for whether or not it’s a mortal sin:

  1. Serious matter - I wasn’t sure whether or not

  2. Full knowledge - I knew that it wasn’t necessarily appropriate

  3. Full control/consent - I could have easily stopped it by not engaging or throwing out the piece of paper.

My friend started off drawing some things but I definitely aided. Thank you so much!!!


You have a well formed conscience and it’s telling you to confess before receiving your Easter communion. I’m SO glad your parish has confession still this week. Don’t feel guilty about taking up the priests time. That’s what he’s there for. Others understand, we all sin. Keep it brief, but don’t feel you can’t go because someone else may have worse sins than you. That’s sweet to be so concerned of others, but sometimes we have to take care of ourselves first. God bless you dear! :slight_smile:


Why would you assume this?

You might have a hard time finding it, but I’m certain that there will be confession somewhere on Holy Saturday, though probably not at the regularly scheduled time. I know for sure that my pastor would hear your Confession on Holy Saturday.


I will admit that I read that it is encouraged for priests to hear confession on Good Friday and also Holy Saturday. I read that the only sacraments that are allowed to be celebrated are the sacraments of Repentance and the Anointing of the Sick.


Sexual jokes don’t need to exist. I’ve heard many and don’t watch or listen to any “comedians” because profanity and sexual jokes seem to be their current “favorite” words/things to talk about.

I mean, I grew up with real comedians who did not use sexual jokes, so anyone of any age could watch and enjoy, and admire their cleverness. Red Skelton? God bless.



Even if there is no confession on Holy Saturday (never heard of that), there might be confession someplace on Good Friday. Can’t hurt to find out.



No type of joke “needs” to exist, but the fact is that many people find sexuality very funny.



I am with you Ed! I could watch some corny Gilligan’s Island all day and laugh for hours. Now when I watch tv, all of the jokes make me cringe. People my age think I’m really weird for this too, but corny jokes are the best jokes imo


I agree. Our society has become so overly sexualized that one of the most holiest things is seen as something to do when you’re bored, for fun, and to make fun of. I will admit my mistake, but it’s hard in a secular world to follow in the way of God. Especially when you are surrounded by this day after day after day. Everything has to revolve around sex… :frowning: And teens and young adults and children are being/have been brought up in this world “without rules, where everything is okay”. The opposite of order is chaos, so you have chaos. Go against the flow and there’s something wrong with you… according to them. God makes no mistakes so we are all made in His Image and deserve to be treated as such :slight_smile:


I don’t think it could be considered grave matter beyond someone who was extremely horny letting it feed their horniness, making it possibly scandal in rare cases. It’s a joke, a concept, not an action. Believe me, as someone who struggled deeply with scrupulosity for years, there is a massive difference between your conscience telling you something and your emotions telling you something.


That’s the attitude being broadcast: “no rules so everything is OK.” That’s anarchy. And since all we see on TV is sexual immorality being a joke or portrayed as “normal” or average, people think nothing’s wrong. The rules we were taught are for our own good. To be good, to avoid the bad and immoral.



I commend you for your courage to post this thread…I’m a young adult, and I understand the pull for impurity today. No free rides in this culture, you have to earn your chastity.


In marriage, there does not have to be a contradiction between these.

My husband and I can joke and laugh about our sex life with each other and there is no sin in that. But it is appropriate to our state in life and we do not degrade ourselves or the act when we indulge in humor about it.

I do not think it’s wrong to see the funny aspect of sex. I do think it’s wrong to degrade it or be imprudent on how and who you share that humor with.


No, absolutely nothing wrong withing marriage. The problem is that almost everything is outside of marriage now. :frowning:


I do not think it is a sin unless they were directed at anything sacred. It would be blasphemy in that case.


Why were you passing notes back and forth during class in the first place?

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