Sexual Morality/Immorality


I understand that sexual intercourse outside of marriage is sinful. I’m not certain, though, what is entailed in “sexual intercourse”.

Is “oral sex” included in the category of what is sinful? How about pleasuring the other with one’s hands?

Is the grabbing of each other in ways that one wouldn’t do in public sinful?

In other words, what is sinful and not in terms of a guy and girl who “hook up”?


I have the same doubt:confused: :confused:


If your of sound mind all sexual acts are sinful except for marital intercourse. A kiss, hug or holding hands or carress is ok so long as you exercise modesty and prudence and ensure it does not lead to sins against chastity. When dating one can have more trouble with temptations against purity. This is ok so long as you follow the above rules.

You might want to read my website about angels - go to the page - inherit eternal life. The link is in my signature. You’ll find details of all serious sins from the catechism there.

Hope this helps if needs be. God bless.:wink:


anything that promotes lust is sinful.

so the examples you mentioned, I’d say - yes, they are.

however holding hands or a simple kiss is alright if it doesn’t cause you to stumble and be tempted to go further.

it’s not about how much we can get away with until it becomes a sin :wink: rather - we should ask the question - does this action glorify God in my relationship? if not, best not to do it.


on the contrary you sound well versed on what constitutes sexual activity. any contact that arouses and has sexual content is wrong, as is “hooking up” itself. and you well know it.


Sounds to me like the old question, “How far can I go before it is a sin?” Well, placing yourself in an occasion of sin, is also a sin. These are not things to play around with. If you want a good understanding of the meaning of the Commandments, read the **Catechism of the Catholic Church. ** This will spell it out for you and hopefully open your, and maybe others, eyes as to what constitutes sin.
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The above post is great. On my angels website you’ll find a link in my signature you can check out the page - inherit eternal life. This details all the sins from the catechism and much more. God bless.


not just sexual intercourse - but any sexual pleasure taken outside of a marriage is gravely sinful.


FYI, oral sex, even in marriage is sinful.

It is not in accord with the nature, designed by God.



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