Sexual Morality is Immoral?

I have a 16 year old daughter. I have nieces, nephews and friends with children. These kids and soooooo many others are insulted…as you should be also…when the world assumes that you have no control over your body.

And I read many, many ads in newspapers from married couples advertising that they are looking for a woman looking to give her child up for adoption.
When they have to advertise in newspapers and magazines, it means that they cannot find babies up for adoption in other ways. There are many couples, and few babies. That is the reason why many, many are going international. They have waited for years, and all that they are seeing is the abortion rate going up in this country.

The reason people put ads like that in newspapers is because they feel so strongly against abortion that they are willing to go out of their way to save said child. That has nothing to do with the amount of children needing a home, as I showed you with my previous link.

How many people I have known of who waited years in hopes of adopting a baby. You are wrong about why people post those advertisements.
That is not to say that there are no people like that…only most are placed because they have waited long for a baby to adopt. They are hoping that some young woman in dire straits will call them so that they can finally have that baby they have dreamed of.

That is the same thing I said last week, except it was about stealing, corse the older one asked how do I know I’m doing it right? So I had this brilliant idea and we went over to wal-mart(I know, I should have gone to a mom and pop store but I figured why not start at wal-mart) so anyways, we go into wal-mart and I told the 3 kids just do what I do, we went over to the 26" tv’s on display and I picked one up and started out the store, I got all the way to the parking lot when I noticed the oldes 3 were right with me with thier tv’s but the yongest had picked up a tv she coldnt carry and went and sat it down right in fronyt of the old person checking receipts, corse she asked abot a receipt and she just pointed at me walking back into find her, …

Anyway after my wife came down to the jail and had enough money to bail us out we had to go see child protective services and spend allll day getting the kids back, so

my point is I’m not sre that make sure they know how to do it safely thing wors out right.

:eek: Arrrg! I hate it when I do that. Yes. Thank you for the correction.

:thumbsup: Point well made!!!


This is such a tricky issue. Yes, it is true that some teens will rebel, and that is unfortunate. However, what is the problem? Is the *baby *the problem? No. The sinful act is the problem.

The rate of illegitimate births used to be much lower. Artificial birth control promised to reduce it further–but, it came out the other day that almost 40% of babies born in the US were born to unmarried mothers. From an historical standpoint, it seems like the *more *we teach about abc, the *higher *the rate of illegitimacy: from 3.9% in the 1950s, when neither abc nor abortion were readily available, to our current rate of 38.5%.

Two things…

1- Let me make sure I understand you… If you ever sin - ever - you go to hell? What happened to God dying for your sins? :confused:

All Catholics need to be aware that we do not believe that once we are saved we have an assurance of Heaven: that is a Protestant notion. Yes, Christ died for our sins: did that free us to sin however we wanted?

Those who commit a mortal sin and *who do not repent and confess *have the stain of the mortal sin on their souls and go to Hell after death. First, there is objective mortal sin, a sin that is mortal by its nature. However, not all those who commit that act have the stain of mortal sin upon their souls. There are 3 criteria to be met: grave matter, full consent, and full knowledge. Christ judges us after death because one’s culpability may be reduced by certain circumstances.

However, *relying *on Christ’s mercy would be the sin of presumption… so the best thing to do is to get educated and not commit any mortal sins.

2- It seems to me that a combination of condemning contraception and condemning abortion (and I am not saying I support it so please don’t assume I do) is a pretty dangerous. That seems to make for a lot of kids who are either put up for adoption, if they are even adopted at all, or put in homes where the mother may not be financially or mentally capable of raising a child in a good environment. :frowning:

As you can see form my comment above, the situation has become much worse since we started accepting and promoting artificial birth control and abortion…

And all this was foreseen in Humanae Vitae, which came out in 1968, iirc.

There is no such thing as “safe sin.”

There are a couple of problems… one is that a lot of social service workers are against transracial adoption, and most children in need of adoption are of a minority race. When members of that race are more likely to be poor, then it is difficult for them to adopt.

Another problem is that older children who are in need of adoption almost always have serious emotional problems. And unfortunately this has led some agencies to downplay the problems the children have, because the agency gets a certain amount of extra money for every children adopted. See here for some info on that.

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