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As the CC directs for someone in my situation, I have nothig to do with sex.(I am too young, not married etc.) As well as this,it is my personal choice not to have anything to do with it.(unless to have children when I am older.)However, I have emotional problems which mean I need a lot of stimulation, love, etc, and there is nobody to give me this. (And I cannot change this situation, although it is sad.) This results in me having a lot of sexual desire…Is there anything I can do? (I’ve tried praying etc.) Please help.


Dear, you are far from being alone in this problem. Many people struggle with this, so perhaps you can pray for them as well. Yes, prayer is important; but it is also important to know what the triggers are and then to avoid them as much as possible. You need to be practical about using strategies on yourself. If you find temptation looming, get up and distract yourself with something else. Or do something that may be useful for others.

I hope you do receive some helpful replies. God bless your goodwill. If you fall, turn to God immediately. Resolve to keep trying, and retrain your thinking as well as you can manage. God bless and help you…Trishie:)

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