Sexual Revolution Reaches Logical Conclusion

Doesn’t it seem that the 1960’s sexual revolution ( “love the one you’re with”) has come full circle or better yet has finally crashed and burned, with such zero tolerance policies, that a first grader is stigmatized (at the very least) for kissing a girl in his class (which I never saw in my day, by the way). Long ago, before my time, a man couldn’t kiss a woman without being called “fresh” where that became spontaneous for a while, but is now full bore sexual harassment?

Once again, society is reaching for a standard of social conduct ‘through the back door’ of the legal system, instead of through the front door of religion and moral purity.

On the contrary, it is still ongoing. The primary goals were sex, sex and more sex with anyone. And the destruction of the family and proper male-female relationships beforehand. Marriage became “just a piece of paper” and No-Fault Divorce made it nobody’s fault, so another piece of paper (I’m not counting cases of abuse). Then the so-called “Hook Up Culture” which was sex and you’re done, like two dogs meeting in an alley. Cohabitation with sex is constantly acted out on TV. What’s wrong with it? The same thing that was wrong with it in the 1960s.

Count me out of “society” because special interest groups lobbied whoever they could to get sexually deviant behaviors passed into law or regarded as normal and average. What happened to: You meet a girl, get to know each other and start making marriage plans? Common in the 1960s - I was there. Now, it’s “I’m 18! Mom and dad, get out of my face! I’ll do what I want!!!” In the 1960s, I heard, “All you Catholics do is listen to the Pope. Why don’t you think for yourselves?” Translation: We don’t like feeling guilty about having sex without marriage or using illegal drugs or anything." So the Church and authority figures were NOT to be listened to. But get some books on Eastern mysticism and live our way.

They are still pushing that and more, right now. But have hope, faithful Christians, not propagandists, are teaching their children about right and wrong.


Correction: I’m 12! Mom and dad, get out of my face! I’ll do what I want!!!”

Christian parents can’t be complacent in such times. Some don’t seem to understand a continuing war had been waged on Christianity since the 1920s.


Well, the current assault began right after the end of Vatican II.

Make it better.

I’m baffled by a society that promotes Tinder while at the same time having a fit if anyone is not 100 percent monogamous from the very first date forward.

I’m glad I am married and will not be having any more “relationships”. I already made the decision that if my husband, God forbid, passes away, I’m done, I don’t want to date again ever.

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Who allowed “Adult Bookstores” to open in the 1970s? Catholics? And who paid for it all?

Monogamy is required, not random sex with random people. There is an STD epidemic going on in the US according to the CDC, and - speaking generally - some people wonder why. In 1960, there were four, with two being of great concern. Today we have a lot more STDs.

Kissing people without consent has always been sexual harassment. We just call it out now. The child should be taught that what he did was inappropriate. Because when they aren’t, that’s how Brock Turners end up on top of women who are passed out in alleyways.


Chastity is required before marriage, not monogamy. It used to be encouraged that young people date a variety of different people on a friendly, no-sex basis to avoid getting too committed to one relationship before they were ready to get engaged and marry. This was also supposed to reduce the potential for getting “overfamiliar” with someone in a way that would lead to premarital sex or its preliminaries. I don’t know if that worked because it was before my era, but I do know that nowadays when people date, everyone assumes they are having sex whether they are or not, and if you date more than one person - it doesn’t even matter if you are 12 years old and the date consists of going for a burger and coke - you are considered a cheater, tramp, etc.

Obviously a teenager is not in a position to be making a lifetime commitment and should be able to date different people, while remaining chaste, in order to get an idea of the type of person they may someday want to marry, without having to cleave exclusively to one person at a time for fear of being criticized by all of their peers. But that’s not how the world works any more. The world expects sex in serially monogamous unmarried relationships, except apparently when you decide to just hop on a hookup site. All of it is sickening.


I think we’ve seen all of the bad fruits of the entire 1960’s revolutions come to fruition, both social and political ones. Once all of them start to fully rot on the ground for a few more years, that’ll be the end of it, There’s nothing else left immorally to shock culture, everything has already been done and has played itself out.

When I was a kid I always had a fascination with the 1960’s, I always wished I was old enough to experience what seemed to be fun, freedom and excitement that many of the revolutions promised the world. My older friends would rave about it and tell me it was a shame I missed out on it.

Since my spiritual rebirth a few years ago, my whole attitude about that era(1960’s) changed. I’m glad I wasn’t part of it. It was a momentary cheap high, no different than the psychedelic drugs that created its false realities. Many lives were destroyed, many souls lost forever. Those older friends I have that lived and raved about it today, especially the Catholic ones that fell away never returned.

Many were successful with their careers and lives, but almost all are spiritually in the darkness. Divorces, childless, lonely, disillusioned , empty. Even now they cannot fathom why happiness, joy and fulfillment eludes them. Today I just listen to them tell me about their problems, but their sorrows has more to do with what they lost living in the 1960’s than they gained, namely faith .

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Young adults today simply identify themselves by their sexuality. It’s a strange thing to me that that could possibly be so important to someone.

Modern society makes me think of the Tower of Babel. As soon as those in the city began thinking of themselves as “above God”, pridefully thinking themselves self sufficient, they forgot God. Struggle makes us remember God. Contentment makes us forget Him.

Today we are so well off as a society (in the West) that I think that is why we forgot God. We thought God had forgotten us, that He had looked away, and that is when sexual promiscuity began. Many believe today that they can rely on themselves. How sorry they will be in the next life.

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Having lived through the time period, certain groups and individuals banded together to destroy what was not broken for most people. The early 1960s were great: most neighbors were neighbors, we lived in a community with shared values, and not everyone went to the same Church. It was not perfect. We had crime and all the rest, but our parents encouraged us to stay away from the bad kids and not imitate their behaviors. To be polite to them but to not steal with them and do other things. Bad was clearly defined. Dirty magazines were indeed “morally dirty” and when a neighbor threw out a box of such magazines, the moms disposed of them.

When the radicals and anarchists showed up in our neighborhoods, we listened to them. The Bible says to welcome the stranger but they were wolves, and along with their counterparts in the Church, told us a new gospel. But some of us were too trusting. Before some families knew it, their kids had become converted. Sex, illegal drugs, no respect for mom and dad and cohabitation with sex. The Church was NOT to be listened to. Authority figures meant nothing. They promised us a bright future but that was all a bunch of baloney. Soon, their drug dealer buddies showed up in our neighborhoods and got to some kids in school. Shacking up, addiction, welfare… that was freedom to them. Then other players appeared pushing The Pill. Yeah, they sowed evil. They increased temptations. And corruption. It pained me to watch it start happening.

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Something that went hand in hand over the past couple generations was the media destruction of the family, particularly fathers. In the 60’s we had strong father images, Ward Cleaver, Robert Young (Father knows Best), Pa Cartwright, and so many other strong male figures, father or not. Who do you have nowadays, Homer Simpson, Al Bundy, Peter Griffin, and a host of other stooges. I may be off base, but the influence of the sexual revolution, feminism, and the left wing media and their cronies have wreaked havoc on the family, particularly dads.


That is 100% true. The media destruction of the family started gradually in 1970 and as the years passed, a little more bad then a little more and a little more until today. The Body of Christ in the West was slowly poisoned. Fathers and men became the eternal enemies class and women, the eternal victims class. But women were victimized too. “New teachers” appeared to teach them wrong: “It is your body and no one has a right to it.” Got pregnant? It was your choice to pick a man and have sex with him. Solution? Get an abortion. Have sex as often as you wanted. Get on The Pill. Have another abortion. And so on. Wife and mother became dirty words. Not far from where I live, aborted babies were found in a dumpster. They were clearly human but were now just medical waste. They were given a proper burial at a Catholic Church.

I talked to a young lady who had turned away from that kind of thinking. We were standing in front of an abortion clinic. She thought - wrongly, she realized - that women should take advantage of men because men took advantage of women. Now she was praying and trying to encourage young women going in that abortion clinic and to offer them an alternative. I found her crying one day and asked what was wrong. She told me she had had an abortion at that clinic.

Have hope. Trust in God.

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Put in perspective the sexual revolution was part of a much broader counterculture of the 1960s which fueled many social issues. What we are experiencing today is a radical polarization being fought at the extremes with everyone, with the excepting of a few, becoming a victim.

The need to address minority rights of women, gay people, the handicapped, and many other neglected constituencies within the larger population came to the forefront as an increasing number of primarily younger people broke free from the constraints of 1950s orthodoxy and struggled to create a more inclusive and tolerant social landscape.[37][38]

Perhaps, if religions were not at odds in the 1960s they could have addressed the social issues back then.

That is all nonsense. There was zero desire to create a ‘more inclusive and tolerant social landscape.’ To mom and dad from a person in a cohabitating relationship: “Leave us alone!! We’ll live how we want !!! We’re grown adults!!!” Wear the regulation Hippie clothes, the regulation length hair, the regulation length chain and smoke dope. I saw this. Have lots of sex. Live with your ‘old lady.’ Reject the Church because ‘the constraints of 1950s orthodoxy’ were still there.

I read the Marxist/Communist inspired ‘underground newspapers’ sold at Head Shops. Corporations were evil. Find a way to hurt them. How about phone freaking? Steal the number off a card corporate execs carried to make phone calls without cost to themselves but to the company they worked for. “Stick it to the man.” Or how about a game printed in a perverse magazine called “Feds and Heads.”? Those terrible Feds and other members of Law Enforcement wanted to arrest you for smoking dope, and using other illegal drugs. “Off the Pigs!” Translation: Kill the Police! They want to take away our Uppers, Downers and Acid (LSD - a powerful hallucinogen), not to mention marijuana. That was their primary concern.

Go on welfare. After all, The Man owed you.

Protest was just dressed up anarchy. “We’ll burn this country down if we have to!” and “Don’t trust anyone over 30.” Sure, they might tell you the truth and take away your sex and drugs. Couldn’t have that.

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“Religion” was supportive of authentic human rights. Total strangers told us to ignore religion entirely and “Do what thou wilt shall be the whole of the Law.”

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History is not on your side.

Interesting dodge. I was hoping someone would deal, point by point, with my post. What I read was ‘made up’ “History.”

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Your use of the word “nonsense” is a normalization which tells us your mind is already made up.

But if you like you can quickly verify the counterculture history with a google search, of course, it is likely your definition of tolerance will vary from what you find.

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