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Another question: i had a young man come to me and confess he has had sex over 600 times already. He is 20. He wants to stop, but the tempations are just too great. He goes to confession regulary and has over the past years given up drug use. What are some practical suggestions I can give him that might work since he is so entrenched in the tempations? As a youth minister i have heard the additons to pornography of young men, but never a young man with 10 partners and this much sexual activity.

he does know the teachngs of the church and its wrong, but says he has no self control. suggestions for a youth minister not sure how to respond???

Probably this guy needs therapy. It sounds like a sex addiction.

I saw this advertized in the past and saved this for those in such need of a therapist:

(one wants one who will help with their chastity…some in the secular field may not)

Definitely a sex addiction. I would suggest SA. If he regularly attends meeting and finds someone to help him with the 12 steps, he can get out from under this addiction.

just looked at it and did a search, came up with zero search results for all of Ontario

There are must be no need for counsel up there…:wink:

I imagine one can contact the Diocese and ask for recommendations …say from the chancery office.

There are phone meetings for those that have no other option. He needs to find a sponsor who has been through this so I would suggest calling the Priest or checking with Catholic services.

I agree with all of the above suggestions, this isn’t something that can just be solved individually, from what it looks like. However, my first suggestion is that for now, this man should consider daily prayer (such as the Rosary) and Scripture reading. While obviously a therapist is important and should be found ASAP, and my suggestion isn’t that this replaces a therapist, I do think this can also help. I’ll pray for this young man.

Definitely counseling sounds appropriate. And maybe a support group.

From the perspective of our faith, fasting is certainly to be recommended when fighting sins of the flesh.

Has anyone considered the fact that he may also be lying?

Another (horrible) possibility is that he is involved with human trafficking.

There is a catholic site to help people with this problem. It is called
Sexual Addiction Recovery

what is the specific site, i googled and so many came up

This site will give you more info.

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