Sexual Sins : All Three!

Homosexual sins, Fornication, and Adultery. All are sins. Why do the homosexuals think their homo lifestyle is not sin? Devout Catholics are the first to admit all three are sins, but I have observed that sexually active gays and lesbians think their lifestyle is not sin.

I always hear “Well, God made me this way.” I could say well God made me to be promiscuous, but you don’t see me acting on it. God’s will is more important than my own!

On another note, I also see so called Catholics (I’ll call them cradle or cafeteria) that point fingers at gay marriage and say “homosexuals should not be allowed to marry” or “Gay sex is abomination!” yet they themselves are living in the state of mortal sin by cohabitation or remarriage. To me, that is hypocritical.

I’ll take denial for 500 points Bob.

I agree, Catholics who point fingers at homosexuals while themselves living a sinful lifestyle are being hypocritical. I think, though, homosexuality leads in many cases to a total perversion of a person’s moral sense. They not only engage in sexually immoral acts but seem to be more prone to other sins as well; some of the worst blasphemies I’ve ever seen and heard came from homosexuals; in spite of what the gay lobby will tell you, monogamous relationships are considered impractical and unrealistic in a large part of the gay community, and so on. I think it’s important to realize that, by not characterizing their behavior as sinful, what homosexuals really seek is an acceptance of their lifestyle as natural and normal.

**So, I am a “SO CALLED Catholic” because I am Catholic from birth ( Cradle Catholic ) ?

Are you REALLY sure you want to say that ? You are offending a huge amount of people.

A Cradle Catholic and a Cafeteria Catholic are NOTHING alike.**

This is true,however,my experience has been that most cafeteria Catholics are in fact cradle Catholics.:rolleyes:

Hey! I resemble that remark.


I’m glad the Lord will judge me after I have “ran the race”, rather than look back and pin-point one particular time in my life.

Man; I’d be in trouble.

You can roll your eyes all you want, a Cradle Catholic is NOT the same as a Cafeteria Catholic.

While someone coming into The Faith as an adult is choosing of their own free will to become Catholic, those born into The Faith had it chosen for them. So yes, probably somewhere in a Cradle Catholic’s life, they might feel the need to explore the boundaries of their faith. They have only known the rules of the Catholic Church their whole lives, while the future converts who have no Catholic rules, are doing pretty much everything they want to do. They get to get it all out of their systems, then they settle down to one religion.

Gosh, I’m sure glad some of you converts aren’t judgmental or anything…
I thought we were all on the same team.

First of all,I am a cradle Cathilic.There was a time basically from my twenties through my forties that I was a lazy,poorly cathetized cafeteria Catholic:(.I did not say all Cathlics born into the faith are cafeteria. I said most cafeteria Catholics I have met are
cradle Catholcs.That is a big difference.I am sorry if you are offended,the eye roll was

because of my experience.I am no longer a cafateria Catholic,I fully embrace my faith and all it teaches.I regret I wasted so many years being indifferent to ithaving said that,the sad truth is many Catholics, born into the faith are less knowledgeable of thir faith then converts.I think this is what the OP was trying to state.

Well said, Promiscuity leads to death and disease. You roll the dice every time.
1 Corinthians 6:9
Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind,

**I better understand where you are coming from now.

The term Cafeteria Catholic is someone who is Catholic in name only, and most Cradle Catholics are not that. All you need do is look at Italy, Mexico, Latin America, the Philippines, most of those are Cradle Catholics, and their faith is strong.

No, you did not say that all Catholics born into he faith were cafeteria, I was commenting on the OP’s statement in which she grouped both together as being the same thing, and that, as someone who tries very hard to be a good Catholic, is offensive.

I totally agree with you that The Church did a very poor job of teaching the faith to American children from the 60’s on, and they are reaping the results of that now. It was not the fault of the Catholic kids, we were sent to all the classes and made the all the Sacraments, If a kid didn’t receive any other information from their families or on their own, then they never really learned their faith. As I said, the converts are choosing to come into the faith as adults, and as adults, are learning the faith at an adult level, not at the kiddie level, which is what the Cradles got.

The OP wasn’t talking about faith knowledge when she said what she did. She was talking about sexual sins and said that “so called Catholics” who she said she would call Cradle or Cafeteria Catholics couldn’t see that they were hypocrites when they said blah, blah about homosexuals, when they were basically doing the same sins themselves.

The OP, being Anglican, dumped several assumptions on Cradle Catholics, and I’m just not sure why.**

Or contracepting. Gays only want what most heteros want: sterile sex.

To me, that is hypocritical.

And until Protestants realize this and come back to their traditional and historical teaching about contraception and stand once again with the Catholic Church, they are going to be buried by the GLBT.

Similarly, without the Protestant Church, Catholics alone couldn’t have stopped the polygamy issue with the LDS.

The ones who are in committed relationships don’t see it as sin, and many of them don’t believe in the concept of sin.

I personally think it is somewhat unfair to lump together the people who are in committed relationships and the people who will screw pretty much anyone (that 2% who account for 23% of the gay sex)

Sorry you took offense. I thought you knew the difference. To me a cradle catholic is someone catholic by birth only (not practicing nor care about ever practicing) and we all know what a cafeteria catholic is… :shrug:

What I am saying is a devout Catholic would agree with my topic. Just like a devout Catholic would never vote for Obama.

Also I want to point out to you, tuscany, that what I said was the cafeteria and cradle catholics that I know personally; when the subject of homo sexual relationship, I see them pointing fingers that homosexual sins are grave sins yet they are living in sin themselves… sorry, but its just an observation I have noticed with several of the catholics that I know. To me this is highly hypocritical.

Again, cradle meaning by birth only not practicing.

**I agree with everything you have just said in those two sentences.

And what I am saying is a Cradle Catholic CAN be a very devout Catholic, but a Cafeteria “Catholic” can’t. They are NOT** the same thing at all.

A Cradle Catholic only means one who was baptized as a baby, but that is ALL it means. It has nothing at all to do with how devout a Catholic one is.

And yes, no DEVOUT Catholic, Cradle or convert, would have voted for Obama. The Cafeterias would though, since the definition of a Cafeteria “Catholic” is one who picks and chooses what they will believe and follow.


Sins against Chastity are sins against Chastity. A better question as opposed to why…would be

What is it about those that are homosexual that live in the homosexual life acting out their homosexuality believe that cause them not to accept it is unnatural, aberrant and disordered?

You will find Anglicans, Methodists, Christians on this thread that believe that an active Homosexual is just another person living out their life as may be true for other sins against Chastity…

Gotcha! :thumbsup:

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