Sexuality and the Resurrection of the body?

If gender will continue to be a significant aspect of our lives in the eschaton, what will be relationships and roles in the new creation?

Patricia Beattie Jung a visiting professor of christian ethics, Saint Paul school of theology, examines the historical traditions and biblical rationales for this teaching. She defends an alternative claim that there will be a healed and glorified experience of sex in heaven based on a compelling account of the Christian hope for bodily resurrection. The first half of the work focuses on Christian foundations for the notion of sex in heaven, while the second goes on to discuss some of the implications of those convictions for sex on earth.

In her article professor of historical theology Margaret Miles argues that Augustine’s late-fourth-century accounts of bodily resurrection hold open the notion of what we moderns, living in the shadow of Freud, would call sexuality. Miles explains that St. Augustine rejected the notion of postresurrection sex because “sexual intercourse can only take place between mortal bodies” for the divinely ordained sole purpose of reproduction to perpetuate a mortal race, which would be moot in paradise where no one dies. Nevertheless, it is possible to read Augustine as suggesting that “a quality and value we name as ´sexuality´will be a feature of resurrected ´spiritual´bodies.”


Sex is an essential aspect of human identity. Even in this age of “plastic sexuality,” sex-change operations, gender-identity disorders, and homosexual behavior, sex is a part of being human that cannot be ignored. Sex is at the heart of human physical identity.

As for physical intercourse, I believe It is the business transaction of marriage, not the relationship of marriage, that Jesus is saying will not exist at that time. If this is true, why sexual expression of love would not be a reality in the life to come?

Even without procreation I think genital intercourse is unitive. I once read that even though the resurrected body did not need food to survive, there would be food as a means of fellowship and of experiencing the universe via our taste buds. Similarly, even though there’s no need for reproduction, maybe there would be sexual intercourse for intimacy, bonding and mutual delight. Sex, after all, is not just reproductive capacity. Our sex organs and secondary sexual characteristics have functions other than procreation.

Reading from the Gospel according to St.Luke we find written 20:35 …neither marry nor take wives.
If those resurrected do not marry, there would no sex either.

Are you guys really maintaining that, as there will be no marriage in Heaven, people will be committing fornication there??? Because that is what non-marital sex is.


I should hope that there would be no flirting or relationship games in life everlasting; they cause enough confusion and hurt in this life!

Just why should “the shadow of Freud” take precedence over the Church’s ancient teaching on the words of our LORD?

Nothing in Catholic teaching that comes close to this. Meh. I’m looking forward to being released from all that frankly. Not that sex is bad, but it would serve no purpose in heaven. We’d already be experiencing perfect and total love.

Exactly. Sex will be entirely redundant in Heaven. We won’t be the same when we get to heaven and are no longer subject to earthly weaknesses and urges.


My father was once a Priest. He earned a PHD from Emory, taught German and philosophy at a University etc. He is brilliant. He is also one of the many who got caught in the snares of scholars. He lost his faith, and it so far has not come back. I pray for him.

This sounds like a page from the book of scholar snares. “Till death do us part.” Not to death do us part, but we can still have sex in heaven if we want to.

I am with you Claire. Can’t wait for that part to be over.

With all the sins that sex brings in this world - why would God bring this sinful condition into heaven. The obsession with sex in this world should be enough for us to know this. Sex in this world is for procreation - anything more is lust of the flesh - lust has no place in heaven - if sex is in heaven then the chance of sin exists - people are so obsessed with sex they cannot imagine life without it or an after life without it. It is your flesh speaking not your soul - love has nothing to do with sex - it is not required to love someone. Marriage is the most conditional love on this earth and can be shattered in a moment - true love is unconditional - like a mother to her child and can never be broken. The only relationship that requires sex to survive is marriage - there is no marriage in heaven so what would be the point of sex.

“At the resurrection people will neither marry nor be given in marriage; they will be like the angels in heaven.” - the word of God spoke this our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

You’ve been talking to my wife haven’t you.

I agree with St. Augustine. The discussion so far about sex and sexuality is without any mention of what the purpose of sex is. If there is no procreation in heaven then there certainly will not be any sex. Nor would there even be a desire for sex. Since we could not have a desire in heaven that would be unfulfilled. And, that would be like going backwards to something that is less fulfilling than God himself and what he has planned for us. For me the real value in sex is procreation and that is its greatness which far outweighs any possible benefit from the act itself. The sexual act points to something greater than it and that is the love within the family that results from it. For family comes from it. And the love within the family is meant to image the love within the Trinity. Yet, it doesn’t come close to the love within the Trinity, especially in a broken world with broken people. But, when we are in heaven we will be a part of that Trinitarian love, that heavenly family that far exceeds anything on earth.

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