Sexually harassed by Catholic guy


I was recently sexually harassed by a guy I knew from Church. We had been friends for two years so I didn’t expect it at all. I told his friends about it who were supposed Catholics and two of them told me I’m an unpleasant person to be around and to stop talking to their group. I spent all morning crying then took a leap of faith and called a girl who we were both friends with and told her what happened. She said she’s glad I spoke up and stood up for myself because he had been hastling her to date him despite being constantly rejected. I am really disgusted by the lack of sexual morality in the church particularly by men. Don’t get me wrong I love my faith and the Eucharist and so much about Catholicism but I don’t think I’d ever marry a Catholic because they all seem to be rapey weird creeps. Either that or the really “holy” ones tend to be very cliquey and unconcerned about people outside their circle. Catholicism feels very isolating. I often think about leaving and joining a Protestant church because its way more welcoming yet I want to be Catholic. Pleas convince me otherwise.


He doesn’t seem to be a practicing catholic man if he’s acting that way. Seems more like a boy.

And the catholic church is about truth and about Jesus Christ. Don’t run away from Jesus and the Eucharist because someone in the church is a jerk.

Not every catholic man is like that. In fact, most aren’t. But plenty of boys who aren’t really catholic are that way.


He goes to mass and attends young adult events. He even carries a rosary card around and leads us in prayer. It makes me nauseous


That’s sad to hear. As for being Catholic, I look at the people who lead a life that actually was in accord with the Catholic Church.


If you were harassed and if you can tell the world via the internet, can you not tell him directly, so that he will know your feelings?


Just because someone goes to mass and attends young adult events doesn’t mean he’s really serious about his faith


You can tell the pastor at your church and maybe this guy can be removed from the young adult group


Not really.


That’s insulting and uncalled for.


Guys regardless of religion can be “rapey” there’s a 50% - 50% chance of meeting a decent man or a pervert anywheres in any religious or secular institution.

Your going to find lukewarm men in Protestant circles too.

There is a balance between piety and common sense and decency.

I’m afraid Protestantism can be largely emotional meaning they might be reaching your emotional appeals but it won’t nourish your faith for very long.

I like Catholicism because I can be a grumpy, depressed, schmuck, and still be filled with the Holy Spirit.


How many people do know who are like this?


It’s not uncalled for. She’s a young girl who just got sexually harassed. Let her feel her feelings


Is it really 50-50 odds? Or are the odds worse


She is not a young girl, she has an 11 yo daughter


Oh. What is she doing at a young adult thing then


Wait, I think OP is a troll. In another one of her posts she calls herself a Virgin


Perhaps she had a child really early, say 16 and is now 27. ? No idea



How can OP have kids and be a Virgin? Hmmmmmm

Something smells fishy and it ain’t the red tide that’s been in the Gulf of Mexico lately


Yep definitely a troll

Never had sex or married.



I feel like I just unmasked the bad guy at the end of a Scooby-Doo episode

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