Sexually harassed over the weekend, no one cares

I am feeling very bad because a guy did some stuff with me over the weekend and I was afraid to say no because I was, I HATE this word, sounds so scary, but I was violently raped 5 years ago and I was afraid to say no.

To top it off I called my friend that I see as family 10 times but he wouldn’t pick up and I called him twice today but he didn’t answer. I’m pretty sure that he was purposely ignoring my call, I feel like no one cares and I just can’t bear this life any more.

If anyone here on CAF tells you that sexual harassment isn’t a big deal, or that you “had it coming,” please ignore them OK?

Sexual harassment is a big deal and it is never acceptable. Whatever you may or may not have done, you do not deserve to be raped or harassed. Ever.

You say you spoke to a friend, or tried to speak to a friend, rather. Do you have any family that you can go to? That you can trust?

I am very sorry that this has happened to you. You are a valuable child of God! I suggest that you visit with your priest, not because you have done anything wrong, but because they can be very helpful.

As for your friend not answering, can you leave a message telling them it is very urgent that you speak with him/her and that you are in need of their help?

I will say a prayer for you.

thanks veritas…do i have family i can talk to, no because I know that they would just blame me instead of understanding that I feel upset, bc that happened 5 years ago

whm, thank you…well I did leave a message but my friend doesn’t care, he has avoided my call before but I don’t have anyone else

look the guy sent me taunting messages about how i’m cold, don’t want to make friends, i need mental help, i’m paranoid, i’m dishonest, etc (i never said i wanted to sleep w him, i said i only want to be friends! no sex! he sleeps in another room! but it was a different story!!! he said he knows i don’t want to do it but he wouldn’t stop!)

the guy sent me taunting messages and kazik (my friend) wants me to deal with it alone, that shows what a worthless person i am, if i had any sense of decency i would just kill myself because i deserve to be left alone, that’s why kazik left me to deal with it alone

You should not have to live in fear of telling a man, “No.” Have you ever spoken to a good counselor about the rape that happened five years ago? Do you have a counselor you can call to talk about this event and how it relates to that? Someone suggested a priest. Another option may be to call a parish for the name of a Catholic counselor. You mentioned that you feel no one cares, but even when people do care ,very few people really have the counseling skills to properly help the victims of violent crime.

Prayers for you. :gopray:

:thumbsup: Very well said.

You deserve to be listened to and taken seriously. Have you ever tried counseling?

Insofar as transportation, it sounds like it might be prudent to strive to be as independent as possible. If someone can help give you a ride, fine, but not to count on it.

Thank you to all who have prayed and offered support for copilot. Please continue to pray.

Be advised that counseling is continuing offline.

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