SF students without vaccinations barred from class


A new state law requires all children in grades seven through 12 to have the vaccine by the first day of school this year, but districts struggling to get families to comply asked for and received a 30-day extension.
The Legislature passed the new pertussis vaccination law last September in response to a rise in the number of cases across the state.

In 2010, there were 9,000 reported cases of whooping cough in California, including 10 infant deaths, according to the state Department of Public Health.

It was the highest number of cases since 1947.

I am astonished that California didn’t require such vaccinations before this year. Heck, in Iowa it became a requirement 35-40 years ago. Such a requirement seems very sensible from a public health standpoint.


I admit to being conflicted by this. I’m uncomfortable with the goverment forcing us to do something…but I despise the anti-vaccine people, and I don’t want your unvaccinated kid near my vaccinated kid! (I don’t have kids, a figure of speech)

Same in Kansas. For a child to attend a licensed daycare the parents have to present documentation that all vaccinations are current.

I figured in California they’d be requiring that all girls be vaccinated for HPV by third grade.

If vaccines are so great, why does it matter if my unvaccinated kid is near your vaccinated kid? Your kid is protected after all- right?

There are a lot of known negative side effects to vaccines. Many of them come from immoral sources- the bodies of aborted children. There are also a lot of widespread health problems in our society that have risen dramatically in the era when vaccinations have multiplied- cancer, mental illness, etc. I don’t know if there is a connection, but I find it quite possible.


I can understand something like pertussis being required, but what gets me is requiring the entire US vaccine schedule. It is one of the most packed in the world. We are one of the few countries to mandate the chicken pox vaccine and Hep B at birth. Here is Finland’s schedule:


I don’t trust the profit driven AAP to be the arbiters of what is best for all children.

This goes for me too. Except, if your hypothetical kid is vaccinated then what danger is there to him from the unvaccinated kid? The danger is to the unvaccinated kid and his unvaccinated classmates, if the measles or something hits the area. Obviously “despise” is an awfully harsh word too, but I really dislike and disapprove of their position.

I’d be fine with a private school requiring its students be vaccinated, but I’m not sure about public schools, since they are supposed to be an option for anyone in the school district who can’t or doesn’t want to educate their child privately.

As someone vaccinated for measles I don’t see how the unvaccinated kid and his unvaccinated classmates are any of my business.

Your free to believe whatever you want. But if an outbreak of Polio breaks out, do your kid a favor and get them a shot.

Clearing up some misunderstanding about California’s vaccine requirements:
*]California has required for decades that all children in the school system (including preschool/day-care) to be vaccinated.
*]Exemptions are allowed only for medical issues (allergy) and philosophical/religious objections and must be documented.
*]Whooping Cough is routinely vaccinated against for smaller children but was not included in the adult version of the vaccine until recent years. Since it has been added, California extended the vaccination booster requirement to older kids continuing in the system.
*]The students now prevented from attending school had plenty of notice they needed their vaccinations updated. They had a lot of time to get them or file the objection.

[quote=Rascalking]…and I don’t want your unvaccinated kid near my vaccinated kid!

It’s truly sad how many people think their vaccinated kid can catch something from the unvaccinated kid.

Cute. It’s fun to laugh at people who you disagree with.

Few people realize anymore just how many people truly suffered from many of the diseases that are now routinely immunized against. Many people not only suffered, but died.

My great grandmother in law was the only survivor out of 7 of her siblings who died of diphtheria when it swept through their family. I cannot imagine burying SIX children, including an infant and a toddler, within weeks or months of each other.

Other diseases don’t cause death, but do have horrible side effects - paralysis, deafness, blindness, mental impairment, birth defects if a disease is contracted while pregnant…

Too few people remember the real diseases anymore. Sadly, I think, in the not too far future, people will be rudely reminded of these affects.

Arguing with these anti-vaccine people is like trying to reason with 9/11 “truthers”. You can show them all the facts, and they still-for the most part, don’t listen to you.

I remember having the Chicken Pox. I still wouldn’t vax for it.

Sorry. I thought I detected sarcasm. Really, though, the entire purpose of a vaccine is so that the vaccinated person does not catch a disease from the infected person.

I would gladly work a ward full of patients infected with every disease I have been vaccinated against (well, if I were in the medical field, anyway) because I KNOW I won’t catch those diseases.

I understand that those who have had chicken pox can reduce their odds of shingles by getting the vaccine.

There is a shingles vaccine, but it’s different.

Just as much at this point (diseases not being common like they once were) they’re to protect the medically vulnerable. Those refusing vaccinations are chipping away at herd immunity, putting those too young or sick to be vaccinated, or those who later become immune-deficient due to diseases like cancer, at risk of dying from these diseases. There’s also a small percentage who don’t make antibodies despite receiving the vaccine.

Actually, they can. Vaccines work with the immune system to provide a heightened resistance to disease but they do not make anyone completely immune from those pathogens. I was vaccinated for Pertussis but I still caught it when I was a kid.

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