i am attending meeting of an sfo fraternity. I would like to go through the all process and profess. what are the chances to be refused entry? I have all the criteria for admission

thank you

Show up to all the classes. In our fraternity the only person we didn’t accept was too busy to attend classes. After 3 restarts, we told him that maybe the OFS wasn’t for him.

It takes a while to go thru the classes, so you should know before you’re done if it’s a good fit for you. And fraternities vary in “flavor” - I’ve visited a couple of fraternities where I wasn’t comfortable, but have belonged to 2 (we moved) that were a very good fit.

Hi shorin69,

First of all it is now OFS not SFO. The following are the steps leading to Profession:

  1. Initial contact - 3+ months.
  2. Orientation - 3+ months.
  3. Inquiry - 6 months.
  4. Candidacy - 18+ months.
  5. Period of Dicernment leading to Profession/Profession Retreat/Rite of Public Profession.
  6. Ongoing Formation - lifelong.

Upon completion of the above; your acceptance into the Fraternity will be made by the decision of your Fraternity’s council after review. Above all, show up for your classes & meetings & be prepared.
God bless you on your Franciscan journey.

thank you very much to all for taking time to answer. I will follow your advice.


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