Shabbat and Passover?


Again, I need to know these details for my writing, and I’ve tried to research it, but it’s quicker to just ask here. (I hope it doesn’t seem like I’m mis-using the forum. I don’t mean to, it’s just the only place where I can get such enlightenment, and I’ve found all of the answers I’ve gotten to be very helpful) I’m highlighting what I most need to know about.
I don’t know in detail how the Shabbat (meaning the Sabbath) in Mary’s and Joseph’s household would have been celebrated.
All I know is that it had something to do with lighting a candle on the evening before the dawn of the Shabbat., Is this right? And then I understand that there was no work, and that the family would have gone to Synagogue, then came home and had a nice meal. Are there any other details I should know?
My other question regards the yearly Passover celebration. Mary and Joseph went to Jerusalem every year, traveling with a caravan of other families who went there to celebrate. I think it would have been about a five-day trip from Nazareth to Jerusalem.
Would Mary and Joseph have set up a tent in the wilderness to sleep in, cook, etc., during the time it would have taken them to travel? Or would they have stayed at someone’s house? Or could it have been either?
**And once in Jerusalem, the same question. A tent, a house, or either? **
And as for the celebration, I know nothing about it, other than that it involved bringing a chosen lamb to be sacrificed at the Holy Temple. All the other details about what time of day certain things happened, etc., I need to know, if anyone here would be able to just lay it out for me in simple steps.
Again, just for my writing, but I’ve had a hard time researching it and can’t seem to find the details I need. And, no, I don’t really have time to be recommended a book to check out. I just need simple, laid out answers, if anyone has any to give.:slight_smile:
Thanks for all the help you’ve been to me in my other threads. Again, I don’t intend to mis-use this board, but these questions just come up for me every now and then. Most of it I’m able to just find on my own.:slight_smile:



Exodus Chapter 12 will give you all the details on the Passover meal for a start.

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