Shades of Blagojevich come through in FBI tapes

It will very interesting to see how deep the presidents involvement runs here. It would not surprise me if the whole thing just ‘disappears’ and Rob ends up with a cushy job in the private sector supplied via Mr. Obama’s ‘contacts’.

CHICAGO – One phone recording has Rod Blagojevich talking of demons and [/FONT][FONT=arial]former [/FONT]President Richard Nixon. In another, he engages in a foul-mouthed spat with his wife. Other times, he talks like an excited child who is sure he’s about to be showered with gifts.
A complicated picture of the former Illinois governor has emerged at his corruption trial from some of the most revealing [/FONT][FONT=arial]wiretap [/FONT]recordings played in court yet at the nearly three-week-old trial.
His former chief of staff, John Harris, has been on the stand all week and is expected to be called again Thursday. But it was the tapes, secretly made by the FBI, that took center stage Wednesday…

His attorneys filed a motion after court adjourned Wednesday asking to see the FBI’s summaries of interviews agents conducted with Obama. They said Harris’ testimony and the FBI tapes “raise the issue of President Obama’s direct knowledge and communication with emissaries and others regarding appointment to his Senate seat.”

Apparently Obama will not have to testify, but Rohm Emanuel, his Chief of Staff will have to.
Rohm was the one who offered jobs to candidates he did not want to run for the House and Senate more recently. Corruption ! - no matter who does it.

Chicago “mafia style” politics is actually what has become evident. It never ceases to amaze me that when Obama said publically during his campaign that he “cut his teeth on Chicago politics” people didn’t hesitate to vote for the guy…amazing. Mayor Daley somehow manages to keep his hands clean, while everyone else around him goes down. The past two governors before Blago have ended up in prison…I am really surprised that Illinois is not THE most corrupt state in the nation…close ( I think 3rd or 4th) but not the most corrupt…but then again maybe those stats are old.:shrug::slight_smile:

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