Shadowy al Qaeda cell, hit by U.S. in Syria, seen as 'imminent' threat


(Reuters) - While the world has focused on a U.S.-led air assault on Islamic State strongholds in Syria, American officials said they also struck a blow there against a little-known cadre of hardened al Qaeda militants that posed a more immediate threat to the West.

The strikes early on Tuesday on what Washington called the Khorasan Group, so shadowy that U.S. officials had barely uttered its name in public, were staged to disrupt a plot against U.S. or European targets that the Pentagon said was “nearing the execution phase.”

Hopefully the air strikes have canceled their plans to attack American and/or European targets.


I think these terrorists actually thought they were safe in Syria. Thats why its good that the US went straight to Syria first when they started the air assault.

…we dont listen to Russia when they tell us where we should bomb. :rolleyes:


I hear you, they were in the final stages of their plan and have been operating in Syria with complete impunity.


Of course, it’s difficult to say one terrorist is better than another but ISIS has shown itself to be sadistic. On tv they were saying the Al Qaeda terrorists, I don’t know about this group, were less given to for example, looting. So we will see.


I’ve also heard that we don’t manufacture missiles like before though I’m sure we have a fair number in inventory and in reserve. At least, I hope we do!


What is the Khorasan Group and why it is regarded as much of a danger as IS?

Shortly before the United States and its Arab allies launched air strikes on Islamic State (IS) positions across Syria on Tuesday, cruise missiles launched from US warships in the Gulf and Red Sea struck two areas west of the city of Aleppo.

The targets were not leaders of IS, the jihadist group that has declared the creation of a caliphate in the large swathes of Syria and Iraq under its control, but seasoned al-Qaeda operatives who the US says had established a safe haven to plot attacks on the West.

The missiles targeted training camps, a bomb factory, a communication building, and command-and-control facilities belonging to what Washington calls “the Khorasan Group”.

Until then, very little information about the shadowy organisation had been made public, although American politicians had been given classified briefings.

“This is a group that has been known to us for two years,” US Attorney General Eric Holder told Yahoo News.

“We hit them last night out of a concern that they were getting close to an execution date of some of the plans that we have seen.”

Since they are planning direct attacks on the West and the US they are considered a danger. They are hiding in Syria because they thought it was a safe haven as they developed their plans and bombs.


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