Shahzad Pleads Guilty, Warns of More Attacks

Times Square plotter Faisal Shahzad today pled guilty to multiple terrorism charges in a New York federal court, offering a vague warning of more attacks to come:
Faisal Shahzad entered the plea to the first of 10 charges in an indictment, but said he plans to plead guilty to all of them.

He told the judge he wanted to “plead guilty and 100 times more.” He also warned that unless the U.S. leaves Muslim lands, "We will be attacking U.S."
Full story here.

i am glad to hear that he pleaded guilty at least, but he sounds very angry and very unforgiving of the u.s. foreign policy. thank goodness his previous 3 attempts also failed.

i just worry about how many more angry muslims are out there that are willing to kill americans.

at least he will have a long time to think about his actions, but i am not sure he will regret them. maybe after being locked up for 10 years.

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