Shall I keep on going to Confession?

Shall I go to confession if sinned while dreaming? Sometimes I can’t avoid doing something wrong while sleeping,something against the sixth Commandments.
I’ve been going to confession for many times but I just can’t prevent this…
so upset

Dear friend,

When we sleep we are unconscious. It is impossible to sin in such a state—no matter how guilty we may feel about it. To commit a mortal sin, the act must be objectively mortally sinful, we must know that it is sinful, AND we must freely choose to sin. If any of these three are absent, we cannot commit a mortal sin. To freely choose to do anything, we must be fully awake. To the degree that we are not fully awake, we are not able to choose freely.

So you have not been sinning.

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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